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The Violet Dawning
Baltimore, MD  USA
February 11, 2004
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Soundtracks dragged from slumbering consciousness and spun into tales of loss, magick, and mystery... The Violet Dawning is Christiane Knight and Tank Talbott, bringing you music for the New Dark Ages.
Band/artist history
TVD formed in 1998, and have played many shows with great bands, including Bella Morte, Siddal, Heaven Falls Hard, and Visions In Blue. We released a demo CD, "look up at the sky" back in 1999/2000, and we've rested on our laurels ever since. Time to get back to work, yes? We also appeared on many compilations, and on the compilation "A Darker Shade Of Pale" which was released by GIMNet.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We have played live at various venues around Charlottesville, and would like to play elsewhere as well. We live for it! It's the best drug in the world! Unfortunately, we haven't been playing live so much lately. The best shows we ever played: Trax, with Bella Morte and Unit F, and Tokyo Rose with Siddal.
Your musical influences
Dreamy Goth Rock, Deathrock and Ethereal bands shape Christiane's voice, and Tank loves the electronic sounds of New Wave as well as most dark dance music. That's all we're telling!
Anything else?
Tank's other project, Terminal Ready, is something you should check out!
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