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Dirty Smile
Dirty Smile
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Dirty Smile is a rockpopsoul outfit from the heart of rust belt realness, Buffalo, NY. Armed with a batch of honest songs and an infectious energy, Dirty Smile
Dirty Smile - FLY THE COOP
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Siren - Dirty Smile
Dirty Smile is a rockpopsoul outfit from the heart of rust belt realness, Buffalo, NY. Armed with a batch of honest songs and an infectious energy, Dirty Smile stands resolute in its pursuit of rock-n-roll greatness. The band's hometown breeds a blue collar ethic that seeps into the music. It's palpable. One can hear and feel the raw virtue in Megan Brown's vocal delivery on the band's single 'Siren'. It's belted like a credo. "There's no stopping her now...", a soulful call to arms. Dirty Smile has put in the hours on the sweaty stages of Buffalo, NY, the Western New York Region, and NYC honing their craft. The energy of their live performance leaps from the bandstand with grand enthusiasm. It's difficult to ignore the vibrant, free flowing presence of Megan Brown at the microphone. Erik Eimiller, Jesse Raderman, Mike Suda, and Gus Walters form the adept band behind Brown that sounds seasoned beyond its years; dynamic and intense with a rock/pop soul. Legendary Canadian songwriter and performer Ron Hawkins (Lowest of the Low, The Rusty Nails, Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins) mixed and mastered Dirty Smile's debut EP entitled "Love Songs for the Damned: Volume I". Hawkins had this to say about Dirty Smile - "When I first heard the band I was struck by the diversity of influences I thought I could hear; and a lot of them seemed to be classic influences. But I also heard this contemporary sonic [element]. I love bands like that. It's a bit of a perfect storm to be able to tap into classic mojo but with a contemporary spin. Megan's voice is intimate and powerful at the same time; and the groove is very strong between the drums and bass. This band has A LOT to offer and are very versatile. If they work hard and don't stray from their vision, they will definitely find a bigger and bigger audience." Dirty Smile won the regional Hard Rock Rising 2014 competition representing Hard Rock Cafe Niagara Falls USA. Winning the contest was due in no small part to their memorable, blistering performances and enthusiastic loyal fan support. The Global Hard Rock Rising competition saw Dirty Smile garner enough votes to finish in the Top 3 out of 10,000 hopefuls world-wide. The momentum from the Hard Rock Rising competition has seen the band make many TV, Radio, and New Media appearances that will only further their rock-n-roll cause. In the summer of 2014, Dirty Smile earned the opportunity to play Buffalo's largest annual out door concert. Edgefest, sponsored by 103.3 The Edge, and held at Buffalo's Outer Harbor Concert Series. Dirty Smile found themselves opening for Weezer. Jeff Miers, Buffalo Music Hall of Fame columnist from the Buffalo News had this to say about their Edgefest performance - "When Megan Brown stepped to the front of the stage and Dirty Smile kicked into its set as part of last summers Edgefest at the Outer Harbor Concert Site, she looked like a star. The crowd was pretty much hers for the taking before she even opened her mouth to sing, but once she did, all bets were off. A sultry blend of soul, rock and pop stylings emerged from Brown and her bandmates. The group offered a stirring set of hard rock tunes peppered with soulful inflections. Brown worked the crowd like a pro, and so strong were the bands chorus hooks and so readily apparent was the local fan contingent down by the front of the stage that the group managed to deliver one of the most polished and well-received sets of the day. This group simply puts on a blistering live show." Michael Farrell, Buffalo News Columnist has also taken notice, stating - "Simply put, singer Megan Brown is a Nickel City stunner. Shes at the front of soul-infused rock outfit Dirty Smile; helped earn the Ron Hawkins-produced band top regional honors in Hard Rock Caf├ęs 2014 Hard Rock Rising competition; and can summon her Mustang-steering sirens wail to draw bar dwellers, drinkers and festivalgoers to the stage by the carload. Impressive, but team her sultry vocal prowess with her bands instrumental precision and its easy to see why theyve quickly become one of Buffalos must-see live acts." The second installment, "Love Songs for the Damned: Vol. II" also mixed by Ron Hawkins at 55 Below in Toronto, Canada, is due for release in Autumn of 2015. The band also released a VH1-ready video for 'Siren' which has put thousands of eyes and ears on Dirty Smile's music. Dirty Smile is Megan Brown (Vocals), Erik Eimiller (Drums), Jesse Raderman (Guitar), Mike Suda (Bass), Gus Walters (Guitar) Media and Booking Inquiries Contact: Chance Booking - 716.997.0514 email: info@dirtysmileband.com
Band/artist history
Formed in 2011.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. Take a look through our photos, they relay the experience perfectly.
Your musical influences
Many to pull from! The Beatles, Judy Garland, Led Zepplin, Fleetwood Mac, Blind Melon, Rusted Root, The Who, Radio Head, Jimi Hendrix, SRV, The Clash...to name but a few!!
What equipment do you use?
The kind that gets our passion to you.
Anything else?
Please stop by our website http://www.dirtysmileband.com - we have more music, photo's and videos there and stop by our facebook page and give us a like! Please let us know who you are and what you think of us! We want to visit you soon! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DirtySmileBand/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/dirtysmileband