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DBSBeats Produces Electronic EDM, Hip-Hop, Techno, Dubstep, Drum&Bass Club Bangers, & All Types of Instrumental Music Blending Genre Fusions! ROYALTY FREE BEATS
"Pure Emersion"- New Shocro Beat Release!
"No Longer Afraid"-New #Shocro #Beat Release!
'Major League of Bass'(EDM,Dubstep,Club Banger)
Today #16 in Happy Hardcore subgenre
"Its Over 9000!"(1:28 Pure EDM Club Banger Remix)
Peak position #45
DBSBeats Mixes & Produces Dance, EDM, Electronica, Hip-Hop, Techno, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Club Bangers, & All Types of Beats & Instrumental Music That Often Tend to Blend and Become Experimental Genre Fusion Compositions DBSBeats.com - All Beats & Instrumental Music Mixes Are Specially Designed Using DepthBySoul Productions Very Own Top of the Line Mixer/Master Musical Making Top of the Line Creator Tool With Evolving Sound MatricesIt Uses a Combination of Hardware and Software Techniques to Achieve Magnum Opuses of Sound We Call That Program ShocrololOur Music is Now on iTunes, Apple Music, and Amazon Music!
Band/artist history
Depth By Soul Began Roughly Around the Turn of the Millennium Between 1999-2000. DBS Consists, or Has Consisted of at One Time or Another: Shocro, Scrolls, Stairway, Soul, and Skittle (Wow, I just realized after typing them all out here that all 5 names begin with a letter S! That was not done purposely at all, and even stranger, all names were chosen at different time periods through the years...Believe in spiritual fate and/or soul destiny anyone? Very wierd!...) My Artist Name - Shocro - is Short for ShogunCrosse. I Am Co-Founder of DepthBySoul Productions; the Mother Entity of the DBS Umbrella, Which Includes DBSBeats. Depth By Soul Was Brought to Life by Just a Couple of Talented Artists Who Began With Writing Hip-Hop & Rap Lyrics for Online Writing Battles - Both Traditional Text Dissing, Thinking up Clever Lines and Topical Text Tournaments Writing Actual Prose in a Rhyming Short Story Format. Then We Took to Recording Audio. We Completed a Handfuls of Great Songs but Never Had Them Professionally Mixed and/or Mastered. This is How I Thought to Start Creating My Own Mixes and Master my Own Music. . --Quick Fact: Depth By Soul Started as 'Death By Soul' Until it was Given New Breath With the Switching of 'Death' to 'Depth' Due to a Very Inspiring Time Up North on Cape Cod, Massachussetts.-- Through the Years, The D.B.S. Brand Has Grown in Namesake and Ideas More Than Actual Productions and Finished Projects. In 2016 Though, Depth By Soul Productions Will Release Its First Official Product Since the Brands Inception in 1999. From DBSBeats, a Depth By Soul Productions Company, along with Composing Artist & Audio Engineer and Depth By Soul Productions Co-Founder Shocro Our First Beats & Instrumentals Album is Officially Debuting to the Public Just Days Away. The Current Focus is The Musical/Audio Branch of Depth By Soul D.B.S. Beats Begin Branding with Music While Slowly Growing Outward Towards More! Depth By Soul Productions Shocro - DBSBeats
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I Only Produce Music in My So Called 'Lab' For Now. Creating Instrumental Music Doesn't Create Alot of Live Openings in My Area lol
Your musical influences
Eminem, Canibus, Big Pun, 2-Pac, Biggie Smalls, skrillex, bunch of others but too lazy to name em all ;) WIDE INFLUENCE!
What equipment do you use?
My Laptop, Fl Studio, Midi Keyboard, and Monitor Speakers for Now
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