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Whiskey Jonez
Whiskey Jonez
6 Tracks
I'm a Guitar Player, and I live on a School Bus ! www.whiskeyjonez.com
Whiskey Jonez Dubstep Freestyle
WHISKEY JONEZ RELEASES TRACKS FILLED WITH ELECTRIFYING GUITAR FREESTYLE Whiskey Jonez is an Austin based guitarist with a sound that is quite interestingly unlike any other. What makes his sound so special is the intriguing blend between metal and hip-hop in a sound that has live performance and freestyle soloing at heart. His latest track Blow features this concept clearly and for those who ever wondered what a metal infused solo over a strong driving hip-hop beat sounds like, this is your chance to discover! From the very beginning the song starts off with a sound that captivates any listeners attention. The initial electronic sounds might be a bit misleading for some, and as the heavy beat kicks in, the song kicks off a roller-coster-like journey. The beat, providing the backdrop for the guitar solo, remains steady throughout, while the melodic aspect goes on to explore variations of phrases in a freestyle fashion which features metal riffs as well as rhythmic patterns and other soaring licks. As the music video portrays, this music is best experienced live. Something which Whiskey Jonez knows how to do well and is best known for. Overall this song will provide you with a listening experience that is unlike any other. The unlikely combination of hip hop and metal ends up working really well in this case, definitely making Whiskey Jonezs style one to look out for! -Sarah Marie BugejaSOLOING!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Most recently my largest show was in front of over 15 Thousand people, and it was a dream come true. No other high like that ! https://www.facebook.com/whiskey.jonez/videos/10102574129795472/
Your musical influences
Metallica, Pantera, Ozzy, Mike Jones
What equipment do you use?
Line 6
Anything else?
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