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GnTonic Beats
GnTonic Beats
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I have been making music since I was 14, currently am 30. I use to be a lyricist but since have changed my position in the Hip Hop world due to lack of good tal
"A ONE MAN BAND" no matter the changes I may face in life "music is my getaway and partial savior" & I would love to have an aspirational career that would coincide with this aspiration but I come as you see. "not afraid to be honest" "state my opinion", and at times be ignorant because that is mankind's subjective force... " I would graciously accept any support and proper feedback, positive or negative "BUT ALSO KEEP AN OPEN-MIND...." because "that's how I'd like to be perceived...." Al-G site will be back up real soon....
Band/artist history
I started out when I was 14 as Al Shady it was the joking moniker derived from Eminem, this is where I started to really believe a white lyricist could make it so a year later I changed my moniker to Al-G. This was a simplification of my name and from there I helped foundate A group called Storm Unit which included members D Hood & McNasty. We did a lot of battles on low quality boom boxes mostly for fun and kept it locally between us and close people we know. In 2005 our passions have shifted and I still had a strong passion for music so I created another band called League Leaders which included J Jones, Donnie Brasco, & Sallianno who passed on in 2006. I also changed the spelling of my moniker from Al-g to LG. Through my last group I did a mix of everything from making beats, blending mixtapes, freestyles, mild-promotion, house-party battles, you name it! My strong passion for creating beats has never left me which has led me to my latest venture, making beats which is something I will excel at under the new foundation of GnTonic Beats.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I played a show at a local bar called Amnesia in Utica NY when I was a lyricist back in 2005. I would love to play more because music because It's part of my heart & soul. I just hope it has the same effect on you that it does me...
Your musical influences
Tupac, Big Pun, Eminem, Biggy, The LOX, Nas, Jay-Z, Rakim, Dr Dre, and in this order too. Really anyone that aspires to make music is influential to me....
What equipment do you use?
Behringer F-150 Microphone, Behringer Mixer, Phantom Power Supply, and Magix Studio.
Anything else?
"Getting Back to the Music with A new twist for the upcoming year"
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