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DOT Universe
D.o.t Universe - beatmaker from SoundCloud out here to try to see if my music can be what you are looking for
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energy seeking (prod. By dot universe)
New best called energy seeking . Part of cybernetic 1.0. Check out the SoundCloud for more , just look up discourse of the universe peace
never seen it (prod by D.o.t universe)
Another cybernetic song , wanted to make something like a half horror film type song mixed in with some funk . Hope y’all like the song , check it out on SoundCloud , pls look up discourse of the universe on insta and SoundCloud for more
like a movie (prod by d.o.t universe)
Another song off cybernetic . I wanted to make something nas inspired and here it is . Anyways hope y’all like and follow on SoundCloud, and instagram , look up discourse of the universe !
grateful till the end (prod by d.o.t universe)
New music ! This beat is called grateful till the end , it’s a bit different but it’s part of my cyber style . Follow me on Instagram at discourse_of_the_universe and look up the same thing without the underscores for SoundCloud . Peace
Mindset of Tomorrow (prod. By d.o.t universe)
Second song off the cybernetic album I made . Hope y’all enjoy , pls follow on SoundCloud and insta, just look up discourse of the the universe. Also , any inquires about the music feel free to reach me peace
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