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xfBLH (or Xi Fang Bai Lao Hu or Bailaohu) is a European sound from East Asia and an ongoing experiment in creating rhythms from the audio scrap of civilization.
xfBLH is a noise project in Guangzhou, PRC. I like to fool around with sequencers/samplers and organize pretty much any sound I deem suitable in a rhythm. Generally, the resulting sound is industrialoid/dark-technoid in nature, but I'm especially in love with short wave static/interference/noise bursts/QRM's and the like. In addition, future releases will experiment with Chinese/Mongolian influences and try to blend these with existing 'dark electro' motifs and patterns. Although I favor minimalism, rhythms can be complex and at at times deceptive, at first lulling listeners into a false sense of things being predictable and then kicking their ass. The occasional allusion to totalitarian/insanity-related themes is inherited from the industrial music around 2K, in which I was heavily immersed. It would be good not if xfBLH became popular, but if it somehow managed to continue elements from the original powernoise/industrial tradition of creating deeply disturbed rhythms, indigestible by the mainstream. Possibly xfBLH will comprise photography as well, e.g. to combine 'dark' sound with similar visuals, but as of yet this is in alfa stage.
Band/artist history
xfBLH was created on March 30th, 2015, together with the online launch of its first album ('Preliminary Studies in Convulsive Sampling'). Its predecessor is the 'Cogwheel' project that existed from 2004 onwards and maintained a presence on the internet in 2005-2007 (Soundclick included).
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I don't.
Your musical influences
The love for old-skool industrial heroes never dies. Let's say I started with Imminent, Synapscape, Converter and Iszoloscope, adored but finally discarded Feindflug and Suicide Commando, continued with Tarmvred and Pierrepoint and recently arrived at dark minimal techno (actually Pierrepoint 'pointed' me to this with 'Technoid Beats for a Paradox Movement'). This is not to say my style in any way accurately reflects the job they have done, it just gave me ideas. Likewise, nowadays I feel inspired (also challenged) by Chinese traditional music/Mongolian throat-singing and experiments with the pipa/guzheng are going on, but it's unclear to what extent these elements will be recognizable once I have taken them out of their context by manipulating their sound into my work.
What equipment do you use?
The new Electribe sampler. Editing is still done in the 1999-edition of good old Cool Edit, now running under Linux on Wine.
Anything else?
According to Chinese mythology, Xi Fang Bai Lao Hu (the white tiger and guardian of the West) will only appear when the reign of the emperor is pure or there is peace throughout the world.
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