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Spiritus Leach
I'm a Goth Artist, Occultist, Witch, Poet, Rebel and Music Producer who creates Electronic Horror music that I call Ghoulwave.
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In My Domain
A classic Gothic and supernatural Poem that I've wrote years ago about my domain.
Shadow Of Death 1st Version
Things are changing during this time. A familiar Ghoul has returned
Returning (ROTUD)
A Gothic and Dark Classical song from Rituals of The Undead
Rituals Of The Undead 2020
A new and remastered version of my first song off of my first album-Rituals Of The Undead
Voices (poem) First Version
A Gothic Poem from my ebook Undead Rising
Spiritus Leach - Don't Go To Sleep NIGHTMARE MIX V
Darkest Greetings! Spiritus Leach "The Dark Prince" hails from the Undead Necropolis in Shadowlands. A Writer/Poet/Music Maker-all around Artist, and Creature of the Night! After encountering things more on a paranormal level ever since I was child somewhere along that path during my teen years dealing with certain situations around my environment and more I developed the talent of expressing my self through poetry.Over time I've written many upon many poems and stories as well. I truly started to look deeper into myself and always knew that I was attracted more towards darker and mysterious Especially in music because certain types of mainstream music (not all) that was being played on radio and T.V didn't fascinate or appeal to me that much. I did hear of some great musical acts some and some in certain types of metal, pop, etc. However it wasn't until I started getting into underground and less publicized music generes such as Gothic Rock, Darkwave, electro, dark amibent. Only then I felt like my life was a little more complete Also around that time I found a home and more of an understanding in alternative subcultures (such as Punk and Goth) because that is how I would basically be described and whom I felt more comfortable around. Certain alternative spiritual paths such as Paganism and the occult started to grow as well and I was very thirsty for sacred knowledge, what the ancients knew in other words. I was connecting better with my dark soul due to what I was around and other strange or either violent situations. Everyone that was around me noticed something deep and dark within me but couldn't describe it. It could only be related to what you may see in certain horror movies, more specifically Gothic Horror. The morbid and macabre was a natural attraction for me, and the more that I was attuned with those energies. Later on after listening and to various types of music and being taught at an early age the importance of art and music, Iv'e soon started to incorporate more of what I was feeling not only through my poetry but also now through my music, then soon I started to work on creating my own sound to express to the world which I now call Ghoulish Synth. Ghoulish Synth has it's roots based in Synthwave, -HorrorSynth, Classical, Punk,PostPunk-Death Rock, Paganism, and Spoken Word Poetry. If you wish to know more about Ghoulish Synth be sure to visit this page https://sites.google.com/site/darkspiritus13/home/my-projects/music As of now I have many projects I have yet to be released and more will come out on the near future. In Darkness I will be waiting, In Darkness I will be Anticipating )0( V'''V
Band/artist history
Books I currently have three music albums and two books 2014 Music Album:Rituals Of The Undead E-Book: Undead Rising Music Album:Dark Nights In Shadowlands 2016 2017 E-book: The Undead Music Album: Nightmare Mix Vol.1 Undead Rising-A book that is about my life, dealing with the paranormal, occult and more. Here is the link https://www.amazon.com/Undead-Rising-Spiritus-Leach-ebook/dp/B00U19JGRI Albums Rituals Of The Undead 2014--------Shortly after I made Undead Rising I moved forward to create more music and this was the result. Rituals Of The Undead-Although some songs I've had since a much earlier time. Even though I was more creative around this time and loved listening to Mozart and J.S Bach I was also facing a lot of stress and other malevolent forces around me that I struggled with. The soothing, but onimous and sinister sounds which poured out of me was the answer. Every night a sudden distrition of time which took me back to an earlier period where a certain craft was respected. Thus the Rituals Of The Undead came about. That's when I've finally decided to release it as one Classical Gothic Horror musical and Spoken Word piece. I will release more albums under these genres of music in the near future Dark Nights In Shadowlands 2016---------I loved working on this project and it allowed me to create music more in a retro Dark Synth type of way. Besides Gothic Rock, and Classical I loved certain retro sounds from the 70's and 80's that were more sinister than what they would put out in todays world especially when it comes to Horror or Sci fi. I wanted my audience to feel what I mean when it comes to Shadowlands or at least how Shadowlands was before nevermind...Which brings me to this very next question someone will probably asks What or where is Shadowlands? My answer to them is simply it is a place exclusive all unto itself. We've heard of many different haunted towns and areas but nothing is quite like Shadowlands. Their is many questions to answer about this place and I shall not speak much on it until I feel that the time is right The Undead- The Undead is a short e-booklet about my life Nightmare Mix Vol.1-Explores a more dark and nightmarish territory which is more 80's Horror Synth based. It is another chapter in the Ghoulish Synth Labels Necropolis-Undead Necropolis
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Shadowlands is where I reside but I am also known to be along the East coast and more particular New Jersey or North Carolina. Mostly private but will preform if front of a crowd.
Your musical influences
GothicRock/PostPunk/Punk/GothicMetal/BlackMetal/Occult based Prog-Rock, Occult-Doom Metal/, Horror Surf, Electronic/Darkwave/Synthwave/MinimalSynth/SynthClassical/Horrorcore/DarkAmbient/PaganMusic/Spoken Word Poetry First and foremost Me, Myself, and I My musical influences comes from certain situations I dealt with in my life, my poetry, the paranormal and the occult, of course classic Horror. Subcultures that don't give a damn and break certain standards of how people are. The whole Punk and Goth scene for bringing certain sounds that I enjoy steaming from Punk and Post-Punk/Gothic Rock/Deathrock. The ideology of (NGAD)- IDGAF mentality to the table and going against the established mold of society and trends (can't forget the style and clothing as well). As I once stated in my videos on youtube I do not live to meet your expectations and I am not the American Dream but I am the American Nightmare Punk-The Misfits, Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys, early Siouxsie Siouxe etc Gothic Rock- Siouxsie and The Banshees, Danse Society, 80's Trad Goth style with more punk based roots, tough the 2nd wave of Goth Rock was also nice. Death Rock-Christian Death, Alien Sex Fiend, Skeletal Family Pagan Music- The spiritual aspect of Paganism always appealed to me and the mystical and fulling sounds of the music does the same. I really love songs about Samhain or the Dark Season in general. Progressive Rock- from the 60's that used Occult lyrics and imagery such as Black Widow, Coven etc.. Michael Jackson/Prince for bringing a great energy to the music scene and being different than most. I don't really get into Pop but on this occasion I do like his music. Stevie Wonder and his introspective and wonderful mood he brought to his music. Darkwave-Switchblade Symphony,Frozen Autumn-I love the moody darkwave music and the emotion they bring to their music 80's Synthwave or early based Horror music 1900's-1980's Screaming Jay Hawkings-Maybe not the first but more of the well known blacks who brought darkness and terror to his blues form of music, plus he was well know for his stage attire. Horror Surf music-I love that classic feel of music especially around the time of the Dark Season. Minimal Synth- Kitchen and The Plasitc Spoons Occult Doom-Black Metal - Classical and Ragtime music Dark and Ritual Ambient Halloween Music Last but not least Edgar Allan Poe and Vincent Price. People that will bring an honesty and loyalty to their art and around them. Something that's dark and more on the monstrous instead of the beauty side at times. Some of these musical genres are what influences me to create my own version of Synth music which I call Ghoulish Synth or Ghoulish Wave
What equipment do you use?
Classic based Synthesizers (Versions of the Yamaha DX7 which is known as Dexed) Theremin, Moog, The Vox 1960's organ. Mostly computer based software
Anything else?
I love Classic Horror, I try to have fun when I can and I am very energetic at times, love speaking to like minded souls (in person/over the phone) who share some of the same views on the world. Mainly if you have a love for art, poetry, music-More information at the bottom, FTW Rebel mentality against the crooked government, crooked cops and people who infect communities with drugs (not all drugs are bad and some are helpful with certain usage of course and that's with anything-DMT isn't a drug neither is Weed), people who phony and are close minded and think everything supposed to be the same way/People who are very judgmental Anti Illuminati etc.. ..I listen to so many different types of music I swear music or art should be my second religion. Did I mention I love to have fun, even though sometimes I could be really serious I can get really can really zainy or cooky at times. I don't hang around big crowds like that I don't mind small groups. Sometimes people think I worship Satan, but actually Satan worships me. I am Pagan and my Darkness isn't evil it existed before a being named Satan rebelled. Darkness isn't evil it is simply the unknown, the creational force that comes from Thrice or The Great Spirit. It is from where I come from. Praises to Hecate and Erebus, Thrice and if you wish too know anything else be sure to visit my website Spiritus-The Dark Angel http://spiritus13.wixsite.com/darkangel
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