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Medusa Sedated
Medusa Sedated
1 Track
Sedation to calm the storm within A chord to match lust Nd sin Sleepless obsession all over again Pen burns the paper ink drunk with gin Wrapped in the thor
Peak in sub-genre #24
Medusa, intense like the sea On a winter's night In a lonely dream Facing, her own thoughts Self built prison, no key Anger disguises pain you cant see Sedation, to keep you safe So her eyes can't investigate And decide the world is fake Numbing, her thoughts that control Memories that destroy her soul Eyes burning with pain till your cold Medication, lyrical evacuation Of her furious infatuation With a liars justification Lost, inn the situation Love had its limitations After it feasted on her patience Fate, or maybe confusion Has her hunting down sin Lusting over whiskey and music
Band/artist history
I've always written, it took an extreme situation to develop enough need to open up my emotional well and let it bleed in front of people. After I started to rip the bandaid of fear off the wound was to big to conceal, and the only thing that kept it from drowning me was writing and drinking.. which in turn lead to singing.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have not played live.
Your musical influences
I am a musical hummingbird, drastically flying from genre to genre.. investigating its honesty.. if it makes me bleed, heals me, turns me on, or burns me in a shadowed corner of my ever changing conscious it owns a part of me. Influences; the decemberists, the gaslight anthem, Lauren Hill, manchester Orchestra, elmore James, imelda may, jack johnson, Kendrick Lamar, Ben Howard, jazz, blues, folk, hip hop, flatbush zombies, acoustic, oh darling
What equipment do you use?
Mandolin, acoustic guitar