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Ryan Carter
Ryan Carter
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Ryan Carter is known for pushing the limits of hip-hop and challenging the unwritten rule that every rapper nowadays has to take themselves supremely serious.
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Ryan Carter (born December 2, 1991 in Detroit, MI USA) is an American recording artist, songwriter, producer, and designer. He is known for his parody hip-hop albums, Carter began his music career underground with homemade CD's distributed independently. In 2013, Ryan Carter released his debut full-length album "Welcome to Planet Earth: Grand [Schemes] and Bad [Dreams]"?on several online mix-tape sites. His debut was followed by Welcome to Planet Earth 2: Supreme (Machines) and Devolved [Monsters] in 2014, Mind of the Court Jester in 2015. Ryan Carter gained worldwide recognition with his 2016 album The Exaggerated Tales Of... which has exceeded 1 million digital?sales/streams. Carter released his politically-charged album Nightmares in America on Inauguration Day 2017, which also exceeded digital sales/streams of 1 million. Most recently, Carter released The Doctorate on New Year's Day 2018. Carter has recently followed up with three singles: Trump's Throne, Meghan, and the newest Huh! Haa! Is This for Real? on Sonorous Records. Carter's latest and first instrumental album Space Between Thoughts was released on December 5th.
Band/artist history
Ryan Carter has been composing his brand of Generic Music since early 2006, starting as a personal hobby his colorful lyrics and prolific insight on the human behavior will give you an in-depth look at the world in a new way. Ryan tends to take a song already established in the music world as a hit and rearranges it until he brings the most creative and original spoofs that will in their own respect become a classic. Since his first album Saturday Night Superhero in 2007, Ryan has been on a steady progression as an artist, many critics do not understand what message he is trying to spread with this music, but some do not attempt to understand or comprehend. Across the world Ryan has been seen as somewhat of a cultural icon, but we will let you the listener be the judge. Enjoy the music, art, and the world as Ryan Carter will surely change your views of it.
Your musical influences
There are so many musical influences for me and I would not want to exclude anyone because they all impacted me in some way or another, but if I had to list some I would say: Tupac, Biggie, Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliot, E-40, Eminem, Proof, Bizarre, K-os, and MF DOOM. These are the artists that have the biggest impact on me musically as a influence.
What equipment do you use?
A lot of Audio Technica hardware, and Adobe Pro-tools for mixing.
Anything else?
To those starting out in this music industry, be prepared for any feedback, no matter if it is good or bad feedback be humble and thankful that someone even took the time to listen. We all grow musically with each project we produce, and never be discouraged if you truly have a passion and love for music.
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