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Solo singer/songwriter chic...soulful, emotional songs. raw, stripped down acoustic rock
Nasty Woman (new original)
Today #53 in Rock Unplugged subgenre
Nowhere Man (acoustic cover)
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Hi there...I'm just a solo artist at the time. Just a simple songwriter, trying to get a few good songs down on tape. I write some folk rock, ballads, and a country song now and then. Have previously recorded a demo tape in studio and hated it, the project ended up not sounding like me and my music, so I'm working on my own music now with my own 4trk at home. I'm not really trying to do anything with my music anymore, I just write and play for my own soul and satisfaction. Not too many things in life make me feel as alive and happy as when I'm jammin' out or working on a tune. I hope you enjoy these little pieces of life from me......and if you're so inspired, please leave me your thoughts on the message board. :)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I haven't played out live in looooong time! I used to be in a band, many moons ago, and now occasionally jam with a few guys.
Your musical influences
Neil Young....John Mellencamp....Tom Petty...the Beatles Sheryl Crow...Wynonna...Melissa E....Lucinda Williams Acoustic rock....with good words, really gets me, I want to hear the guitar naturally if I can, I don't like too much special effects.....i'm a simple kinda gurl, dazzle me with your pickin, not your effects! :) I am really into good lyrics and songs with a message too.
What equipment do you use?
Oscar Schmidt 6str., Martin Sigma 12str., a crappy mic, and a worn out Fostex 4trk. also included......lotsa heart, grit and soul! :)
Anything else?
Please...don't listen too closely, this is basic music, simply recorded on a low budget, this is my hobby not my career ;) Also...if anyone knows of some good music I need to be hearing here on soundclick, PLEASE leave me a note, I can't believe how many great artists are here, I've found a few...but I know I'll never have time to find them all.
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