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Music Producer - Audio Engineer
Yo waddup! It's JoeBlack the Analist here to serve you right when it comes to rap beats. I got intrumentals for every real hiphop head out there. I've been producin for 5 years now and I am just gettin better everyday. I come from a very isolated spot when it comes to hiphop, that's why im still roaming the underground. I got plans to move to a better location to get my stuff heard, but for now the internet sounds just right to me. Holla at me on some seriousness if you want beats. Feel free to leave me feedback or holla at me at syckopat@hotmail.com. I answer within a couple of hours normally, if else it's ASAP. Peace out and good luck to all producers out there.
Band/artist history
Grew up on the South Shore of Montreal, Canada (very underrated spot in North America, incredible talent here!). Started makin beats at the age of 18. I am now 23 and I am still workin hard as a mawf*cker to make it somewhere. Money ain't a thing though. All I want is recognition and the respect that I deserve. I do this for the love of it!! Aparts from that, you will start to hear from me soon.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I sometimes record my beats from my MPC to a recorder doing live sequencing, but that's the closest to performing live as it gets for now. I mean, I am a producer after all, but I got plans for the future. Don't worry about me!!
Your musical influences
You will soon notice who my influences are by listening to my beats. I don't even have to mention them but I will still mention a few. The Alchemist (greatest producer nowadays!) Havoc (When it comes to drama, he lays it down) DJ Premier (greatest of all times, if not close too!) RZA (Nuff Said!!) Necro (Da fuk's wrong with this kid! Damn!!!) Pete Rock, DITC, Large Pro, all the pioneers in the making. Peace!
What equipment do you use?
MPC 2000XL, ASR-10, Digi002 to record tracks onto ProTools. Stanton Str-30 for sampling. Mackie SR32-4 sound board for mixing. Fruity Loops, Reason 2.5 sometimes, Cool Edit Pro, T-Racks, Sound Forge and GoldWave. Those are the main ones.
Anything else?
Yeah! I love it when producers such as myself keep it real and lay dow that rugged shit from the streets, because that is where hiphop is from. I don't really believe in what we are seeing on TV or hearing on the radio. To me this is all fake and ran by people who were not raised in hiphop. Like I said before, we should all do it for the love of it. Think about that!
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