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Classical influenced, soaring, trance filled, atmospheric doom-metal project, with female vocals created by Laurie Ann Haus.
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TODESBONDEN, founded by (Autumn Tears, Ephemeral Sun, ex-Rain Fell Within, Garden of Shadows, Anomalous Feather), is a doom, atmospheric, metal, Renaissance, and Classical influenced project taking the listener on a fantastic musical journey of fantasy, longing, and time long past. Using a mix of catchy trance enducing melodies, interwoven soft melodic piano, emotional vocals, paired with heavy, deep, and classical guitar work with traditional classical instruments, Todesbonden creates a masterpiece of sound to touch the inner heart and soul of every listener. Drawing on her classical background, Laurie mixes Classical/Renaissance training with modern sounds to create original compositions and reinterpret traditional Renaissance songs such as "Flow My Tears" and "Sorrow Stay", by Dowland. Pairing her ideas with Jason A. Wood (Ol Sonuf, ex-Ephemeral Sun, Ex-Rain Fell Within), for programming and guitars, the final result is Todesbonden.
Band/artist history
Laurie Ann Haus and Jason Wood played together in both Rain Fell Within (R.I.P) and in the band Ephemeral Sun, a progressive metal band. Laurie had a desire to finally bring the project Todesbonden, which she had been planning to start for many years finally to reality. She had a lot of piano parts written and ideas and just needed to find another person to help her with emotional guitar riffing and recording ability and Jason seemed perfect for the role. Many musicians will be used in the future for other songs and for the final recordings. Band members Current and Past history- Laurie-Autumn Tears, Ephemeral Sun, Todesbonden, Lights on the Horizon, Anomalous Feather, ex-Rain Fell Within, ex-Garden of Shadows. Jason-Ol Sonuf, Todesbonden, ex-Rain Fell Within, ex-Ephemeral Sun
Have you performed in front of an audience?
At the moment we are a studio band but plan on playing a few shows in the future
Your musical influences
For myself many things vocalists include, Lila Downs, Lisa Gerrard, Cecilia Bartoli, Mary Fahl, Sarah Mclaughlan, Bulgarian Women's Choir, Gregorian Chants, Saturnus, Tenhi, Anathema,...Jason is influenced by many things including Yngwei Malmsteen, Bach, Classical music of all types...
What equipment do you use?
right now we are just using keys and computer synths for our "atmosphere"