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Kenille is Christian Recording Artist, Audio Producer, Sound Engineer, Songwriter, Model, and Actor. At a young age, he discovered his passion for music, and fr
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Kenille is Christian Recording Artist, Audio Producer, Sound Engineer, Songwriter, Model, and Actor. At a young age, he discovered his passion for music, and from there his desire to be in entertainment was produced.
Band/artist history
Kenille was born Christopher Sivells, on the date of June 24, 1991, in Salinas, California. Coming from a genetic background of talent, artistry, and music, it was natural for him to obtain a knack for entertainment. At the age of four, with the aid of his great-grandmother, Thelma Chambers, Christopher was enrolled into bible study camps, based solely upon getting to know Jesus Christ, and memorizing scripture. This is what soon fueled his uncanny ability to remember extensive verses, and multiple songs at any given time. When Christopher was 8-years old, he received his first solo performance, at New Mount Zion, in Dallas, Texas, singing Joy to the World. He enjoyed it. He loved the freedom and the opportunity to sing to the masses. At age 9, Christopher began writing. Its a hilarious story, how my writing began, states Christopher. Although I was raised in church, everyone around me was a music collector. I heard every recording artist from DMX, to Yolanda Adams, to Naughty by Nature, to Bone Thugz N Harmony, etc. When I first started writing, all I would do is remove the first two lines of an artists song, and then write down the lyrics, word for word, for the rest of the song. Yeah, those were my original singles. Christopher chuckles at how that miniscule beginning created a door of mass talent in the present. When high school came around, Christopher was a part of his churchs youth choir and praise team, alongside being on his schools varsity choir for three years. Here, he was able to learn the technical side of singing: the breathing, the air support, the vocal sustain, etc. He truly fell in love with it. Also, at this time, Christopher attempted to promote his personal solo career. At the current time he called himself Young Seville, in honor to his father, whos R&B alias was Seville. He was skilled at combining melodic and harmonic vocals with slick metaphoric punchlines in rap verses. Very innovative, his mind was. Also during that stint in high school, he was privileged with performing in a mass choir with Kelly Price. Towards high schools end, Christopher recorded, engineered, and self-promoted, two mixtapes, and had a pretty good following, as far as fans were concerned. It was then that he decided upon the name change to Kenille, combining his middle name Kenyatta, with his dads Seville. As to no ones surprise, he continued this striving desire of his as he moved to San Antonio to pursue his Bachelors degree at the University of Texas at San Antonio. His name spread quickly, due to his constant YouTube and Facebook videos, alongside his many cover songs that he made, remixing popular Billboard-charted songs. Consequently, before the age of 19, Christopher was signed to his first entertainment label, Bank Life Entertainment. Upon being affiliated with Bank Life Entertainment, Christopher recorded and marketed two more mixtapes, alongside being the executive writer on a project for an R&B artist, by the name of Kieda. He enjoyed every opportunity of honing his creativity. He would even set personal goals, as he listened to mainstream music, to write more lyrical, and more talented songs, than those who were famous. Truly, he was driven. After his stint with Bank Life Entertainment, Christopher chose to remain independent for a while. He released many more mixtapes and cover videos while working on his personal EP and LP. In this time, he came across Spreaz Records, a global independent entertainment label, who were looking for talent. Christopher, as well as the CEO of the company, were reeled into each other, and within no time, contracts were being drawn up. The album was ready, the portfolio was perfected, but just before Christopher was able to place the ink on the page, he was encountered by THE LORD. Christopher says, Ive always known GOD to an extent; I just couldnt get out of the lifestyle the collegiate environment offers. I was a signed model, living the life molded after being a signed recording artist, and I was striving to be an actor. Countless times, I heard HIS Voice speaking to me and guiding me, but every time, it would get drowned out by my own desires and influences over my life. I read The Word, I prayed, even would go into trances from time to time where THE LORD, HIMSELF, would speak to me, through me. However, I knew, distinctly, that my lifestyle was not conducive for inheriting HIS Kingdom. I wanted out of the lifestyle of sin, but it seemed to just be too powerful. Christopher remembers, and cherishes, the night of September 8, 2012, when he walked into church, on a Saturday night. It was there, he marks his life actually began. The tangible power of GOD struck him that night, and he was shaking and manifesting from that very touch for nearly an hour. He realized that all the drinking, all the partying, all the sex, was purposed for seeking the very fulfillment he never attained, yet felt at the drop of a dime when GOD so ordained. He realized there was no purpose for those things any longer, and thats where he found his strength to leave sin. Now, being trained up to be a minister, under an Apostolic-Prophetic ministry, Christophers sole purpose in life is to see men and women be encountered by the presence of GOD, and transformed for all eternity. He knows the problems his societal peers face, but he is certain that the power of GOD can change any situation and lifestyle into freedom, into joy, into tangible positivity. Christopher makes music all can enjoy, whether believer of CHRIST or not. His only desire is that no matter the topic of the song, the lyrics written, the genre produced, he can be used as a vessel for HOLY SPIRIT to transmit through to all people on the face of the earth.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes I do, and I love it! I am a part of my ministry's worship team, but I also play in venues when asked or booked to do so. There's been too many moments to pick one; I just love when people are able to be encountered by the tangible Presence of GOD.
Your musical influences
Anything prophetic. From spontaneous worship to literal prophecy, hearing GOD speak is the greatest influence. I love Bethel's Worship line-up, Kim Walker, Jonathan Helser, Jake Hamilton, Lecrae, Trip Lee, and so many more!
What equipment do you use?
Pro Tools 11. I've used everything from M1 condensers to AudioTechnica 4047s and SM57s. I use a lot of MIDI instrumentation, but I'm no stranger to live instrumentation and live recording. Whatever's available is basically what I use that session.
Anything else?
I love lions and eagles. I'm a funny, down to Heaven kind of guy. Get to know me and I'll do the same with you. Love!