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Insanely unique, Jeanne is the 'Baddest' female lyricist in Hip Hop/R&B. As a gifted songwriter, producer, and beatboxer, her style cannot be replicated.
Baddest (Explicit)
Born in Dallas, TX, Jeanne moved with her family up to Cincinnati, OH when she was a mere baby. While she always keeps strong ties with her southern roots, she will always see the Nasty Nati as her hometown. She was raised in an extremely strict and religious family, who heavily encouraged sports and music...just not this kind of music. For most of her life she attended a Christian school, and it wasn't until 8th grade that she even heard her first rap song, "Ignition Remix" by R. Kelly. From that day going forward her musical inclinations changed forever. Of course, she chose drums as her instrument of choice growing up, which ultimately led to her beatboxing skills. However it wasn't until she heard Justin Timberlake's "Rock Your Body" that she even realized that she could beatbox. From then going forward her parents needed duck tape to keep her mouth shut. From the time she was a little girl, Jeanne had musical inclinations and that was before she even learned to sing. "I can remember this time I was sitting in the car with my mom and I just looked up and said 'Mom, do you hear music like I hear music?' she simply responded, 'well, how do you hear music?' When I replied that, 'I hear everything separately, but all together,' I could tell by her reaction that that was not how most people hear music. From that point forward I knew music was for me." 25 years, 2 degrees, and many many endeavors later, Jeanne has launched her career as a female lyricist in the Hip Hop/R&B industry.
Your musical influences
Haha, this is a tough one. It depends on what's being influenced. As far as my music creation goes, I would say that the everyday person is my biggest musical influence. My style is not influenced by others nor would I try to cater my style to be like another artist. I base my sound, style and lyrics on what the people what. My goal is to make every song a hit, which means constantly observing what's popular in terms of beats/music and put my own twist on it to stay current with the times. If you can't adapt then you are worrying more about staying true to yourself than staying true to the fans. I am what the fans make me, tell me what you want to hear.
Anything else?
Yea bitches, I am a beatboxer too. It's my signature on every song that I do. Listen hard and you'll hear the spots where I chime in on the beat. I might like to throw a few laughs in as well, why should I have to be so serious all the time anyways, right? I'm 1 of a Kind and you won't find anyone else who makes music quite like me.