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Mahal Amanda
Mahal Amanda
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As a single person who has been surrounded with influences from various artists and music genre, I have come up with my own distinct sound and way of words. No
I started writing songs since i was like, let's see...12, and I'm 29 now. What I used to be doing in my room was dancing around to the songs on the radio...heavily influenced by rock and roll music, doing the "air-guitar" thingie until my mom caught me and soon we were off to Yamaha to buy my first acoustic nylon guitar! It's still alive, that guitar. It has such a sentimental value. Am now working on a new band called Kireida. Check out our 1st Soundclick track at http://soundclick.com/share?songid=7581632
Band/artist history
The Amandas was born around December of 2005 when I helped out a friend write lyrics to one of his original compositions. His producer friend heard it and we met up shortly after that and boom! The root formation of our band begun and started to record 2 originals and 1 original cover song rendition. There has been some changes with our band members throughout 2006 and we have been blessed to work with very talented musicians. Flash forward to 2008, the new band Kireida, formed from the friendship in The Amandas, we are now working on making Kireida's songs and to get back playing on stage.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
as a solo performer, i played live on occassions called for. Like on gigs my friends play at and they need someone from the audience to play something. other times it's for my family, relatives etc. Special moment? when i played live for the 1st time with 2 of my girl friends during a high school intermission! that was memorable!
Your musical influences
number 1: Mr. Big - my all time fav band... since i was like grade 6. geez..i feel old! Other influences are Jewel, Alanis, Sarah Maclachlan, GNR, lots of old school rock artists, but i also am into dance music, the R&B types, let's just say my music preferences are very wide. :]
Anything else?
Just sit back, relax, listen to the music, and enjoy!
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