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Daybreak Bethany Road
Daybreak Bethany Road
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Bethany Road a Christian Pop and Rock Band was formed in the late 1970's in Portland Oregon.
Too Wonderfull
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Why Should The Devil (Have All The Good Music) 1
Today #96 in Contemporary Christian subgenre
Wake Up To The Music Remix vs 2
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Wake Up To The Music (unfinished studio mix)
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Kings Air Force
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Bethany Road One Night Only World Tour
Bethany Road a Christian Pop and Rock Band was formed in the late 1970's in Portland Oregon.
Band/artist history
Bethany Road a Christian Pop and Rock Band was formed in the late 1970's in Portland Oregon. Bethany Road started out as a traveling Commercial and fundraising music group for Youth For Christ In Portland Oregon under the name Daybreak. Founding members Tim and Dan Bronleewe had an idea to have a group of there own and to play music that was more in the style of music they were listening to in the 70's. Arena rock was at it's pinnacle and the Bronleewe's were more interested in blending Pop and Rock with Christian and Gospel in a more honest way than was being offered in the CCM music of the late 1970's. A friend of Tim and Dan's mother was in a college Bible Study group with Tony Goiburn who had just come off the road playing in lounges and clubs. Tony had recently become born-again and was embracing his new spirituality, and also wanted to do better Christian music than he was hearing in the Christian Music community at the time. After Tim and Dan met with Tony they immediately hit it off and started rehearsals in the spring of 1977. In the fall of 77 the band was Tim and his brother Dan on vocals, Tony Goiburn on guitars, Jeff Hagg on Bass and Tony's Childhood friend Jeff Sticka on Drums. Daybreak played their first concert in Lincoln City Oregon. This concert was recorded by Scott Hybl owner of Northstar Recording Studios and Free Rain Records. The concert was recorded on a mobile 8 track and was released by Free Rain Records the following year. The album was titled Lincoln City Live. It received moderate airplay on the west coast and was popular on Christian College radio. The band toured extensively on the west coast for the next three years. A name change came since there were so many folk bands named Daybreak. The new name Bethany Road fit the Gospel/CCM brand much better. They became the house band at Village Church in Beaverton Oregon for the High School group Son City. They started recording their second LP at Northstar in 1980. The album took almost two years to record and release. The touring and youth group commitments as well as self financing drug out the process. During the two years the album took to record the band added members and rerecorded the album several times before settling on the final product. The album titled The Northstar sessions covered most of the hit material from Lincoln City Live and the new songs they'd been playing for the last 5 years. But by the time they released Northstar They'd all but parted ways. Jeff Sticka went on to play with the Luis Palau Crusades in North America in the 90's and the 2000's. Tony Goiburn went onto co-create the Bill and Tony Radio show and managed Free Rain Records in the 90's. Tony also co-founded The Air One Radio Network and now owns Tony G Photography and Tony G's Pizza Ovens and Kitchen Studios Orenco Station Oregon. Tim his wife Paula and their eldest daughter Rene are operating their family business, OM Stone in Hillsboro Oregon. Dan is retired and spends time with his grandchildren. Bethany Road reunited for Jeff Sticka's 50th Birthday Party in 2007 and most recently for Tim's 60th Birthday. The concert was broadcast live on FB and recorded and released as a YouTUbe Video titled "Bethany Road One Nite Only World Tour" And the Northstar Sessions has been re-released on Tony Goiburn's Private label GoiBoy Music and is available as a free download at Sound Click.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes...in the late 70's we played youth groups and churches all up and down the west coast.
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