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Download "My Masterpiece" tha Mixtape, Yung Kool's surprise 10th solo release at www.datpiff.com/Yung-Kool-My-Mastxtape.558849.html Yung Kool- local San Anto
Yung Kool's Cup Video
Yung Kool...
Band/artist history
History "Yung Kool" Well I have been writing/freestlying/rapping for 6 years. i recorded with a couple of friends. one of which was t-maz. we preformed a song called "Stop, drop, lean, and rock" (Remix) It was the best song on the cd and gained the attention of manager j-rick. He decided to work with the two of us and form a rap group by the name of Crucial. we recorded a song called "Look em in the Eye" which gained the attention of High Star Ent. C.E.O. Young Classic. This eventually lead to T-maz and Koolaid joing the High Star Ent. Family. 3-3-08 Now Koolaid is forced to make his own way because of unpresidented circumstances. High Star isnt dead... "Fallen Star" 10-15-08 Fallen Star falls though! Koolaid Chronicles, Koolaid's first official mixtape came out! 1-1-09 Koolaid with them help of his friends DJ Mars, Kelsey, A-Teezy, and Alfred, and his music ally T-Maz wanted to go further. "I'm Known in S.A." Now all I gotta do is expand. I wanna be universal."-Koolaid Ironically Koolaid ran into T-Maz at NVC and heard word that N.O. was back in Tha Tone. N.O. aka $ Bee (504 Guy) is an old high school friends and hurricane Katrina Victim that Koolaid, Dj Mars, and T-maz knew from Warren High School football. That same day Koolaid then ran into $ Bee at his current job Freddy's Frozen Custard. The reunion was more than a coincidence. Now after a few months delay of music because of a broken down laptop the two are back in action. Koolaid, Dj Mars, T-Maz, $ Bee, A.C., E Money Da Kid, Mike J and Aztro are up and coming artists you should look out for this year." "Fallen Star we Universal Rappers"-$ Bee. 6-13-10 Now known as Yung Kool is working solo on his next mixtape "The Resurrection..." currently after the solo release of Yung Kool VS. $ Bee. . 11-16-2012 Yung Kool after a long unexpected break is back with King Kool tha Mixtape and is still currently doing music. 7-14-14 Yung Kool is determined not to go unnoticed. He created a soundclick.
Your musical influences
T.I., Chamillionaire, Lil Wayne, Slim Thug, Kayne West
What equipment do you use?
You never reveal such a secret.
Anything else?
Other Sites from Yung Kool tha Zombie https://soundcloud.com/yungkool210 https://twitter.com/YungKool210 http://www.datpiff.com/profile/Yung_ Kool http://yungkool210.weebly.com/
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Until I Die (Instrumental)
lovely bleeps