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Hard-Life, Brick City, NJ Brick City, New Jerusalem Dirty Jersey Music, Newark, Jersey, New, Rap, Hip Hop, rock, tri-state, new york, brooklyn, queens, manhatte
My name is Yung-Sin and I'm from Newark,New Jersey better known as BRICK CITY, NEW JERUSALEM. People know me as Sean Trigga from Bergen St. I run with Hard-Life u could check us out 2 at www.soundclick.com/hardlife I never really thought about doing a solo project because the group was so good together but everyone feels that its time for a yung-sin album. The songs you see on this site are just mixtape songs so to say, original beats, original lyrics just that they won't be on my album titled original sin. I hope yall feel it. i put thought into what i say and i want you to understand who i am and how i feel through my music. I'll give u a lil bit of everything. Shout out to Hard-Life, The Paper Gang,Bergen St,Demic, the Senate, Dirty Thoughts, Brick City and The rest of New Jersey. Peace
Band/artist history
I always flowed since i was a little nigg@ but i didn't really learn the concept of rap (puttin songs together) until i was about seventeen years old. I still feel i have a lot to learn but everybody has to start somewhere. I've been making music with hard-life, dirty thoughts and Da Senate(official.gov.ws) since november 2001.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No, i have performed but no where big.
Your musical influences
I listen to Jay-Z thoroughly as well as Nas. My favorite rappers are D-Block but I like g-unit because they play both sides of the coin, the streets and the ladies feel them. I listen to eminem for insight mainly for word structure because the way he formulates his words are crazy. I listen to Biggie for party swagger lyrical genuis and I listen to Pac for everything, party rhymes,rhymes about women mothers brothers etc...
What equipment do you use?
MPC,Keyboard Yamaha,Mac Computer, Reason Fruityloops, Live drums and instruments, korg triton, mv8 keyboard, gigastudio, mpc1000, cubase, cool edit pro, digidesign m audio protools
Anything else?
It is what it is, Jersey is about to takeover sooner than u think so get ya music in now cus the bad seds in the garden state are being planted and when we start poppin up like roses as soon as u try to touch us you'll get stuck up, fuck@
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