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Taylor's psychedelic baritone guitars color tribal bit-crushed break-beats in tandem with EvE's ancient handmade vibraphone underneath an ocean of their hauntin
Rid of Me (Official)
Taylor traveled to present day from 2347 anno domini, and not without due cause. He stood out from the very few remaining humans of his time with pain he felt from his barren planet decomposing from the end of the last golden era of life. This mystery plagued his forefathers, yet enstilled apathy in his peers, causing the latter to heavily ignore the enigma, so he went digging for answers. Little did he expect to find EvE trapped in subterranean ice near the present-day mid-Pacific region. After careful dissection & re-culturalization, he discovered her origins as Lemurian, or the race of humans a couple generations prior to the present's (before the missing link or Atlantians). Together they spent what seemed like eons but what passed as mere days deducing just when the present day - or Greatest - generation actually, finally destroyed itself. Under the limitations of time-scaling techniques of his time, their conclusion led to the fall occuring by the end of the first quarter 21st century. Taking advantage of time travel, the two gave themselves enough time to discover the universal language of present times: Music. In band form, they adorn the moniker "ManifestiV" with the following message: "Endless energy comes from Each Other & Earth only. Forget that, forget life." ManifestiV insists every human manifest their own reality with energy from love shared, not kept. This makes all possible.
Band/artist history
c. 30,000 BCE - EvE preserves cryogenically amidst a cataclysmic Lemurian snowstorm 2347 CE - Taylor discovers her ice block near what his previous civilization dubbed Hawaii c. 1983 CE - the two reseminate into the generation that ends the Greatest generation 2011 CE - lost for nearly 30 years, the two intersect learning mortuary science as means of assimilation into present-day culture 2014 - ManifestiV encompasses their mission to convince humankind to save itself
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Our live debut at SXSW 2014 in Austin TX resulted in EvE making sandwiches for the crowd in satire of the wage slavery epidemic. Our time vehicle, Bummobile, held a bigger party in the back lot of Hollywood's Viper Room than inside said legendary venue the night of our debut there. Vallejo saw ManifestiV come home to a title set followed by an impromptu jam with a leading local dubstep DJ, Curtis J, for hours on end.
Your musical influences
Nine Inch Nails Sigur Ros Crystal Castles Telefon Tel Aviv Boards of Canada
What equipment do you use?
baritone mosrite, heavy parker, worn jackson, tattered alvarez custom vibraphone, K&K pickup systems
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