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DJ Optimis
DJ Optimis
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I have a type of Daft Punk& David Guetta style. Creating house beats sounding like theirs. Of course I have my own type of style in my opinion when it
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Band/artist history
Grew up starting to create Rock with my brother then I created a Rock band with friends. It got old so we stopped. Then my brother, friends, and I started a group called "blank" let's say because I don't want anyone to take the name but it was a rap group. I was the album cover designer. It soon broke up. Then another group was formed but I wasn't really in it. I didn't start creating my own music until I was in 8th grade but it feels like 7th. I found out about clubcreate and started there. Soon, like many know, clubcreate was taken off by Marc Anthony due to a law saw. Unfortunatley, out of 70 songs created, only six songs were exported; the rest deleted. Then i was intoduced to soundation.com and started to create music on there when i was a freshman. I soon took classes on how to use FL Studio with my teacher Mr. Ray Monsato. He then gave me a laptop with Fruity Loops on it and started to create music on there and still am. I also took Ableton Live classes and created a few songs on there like Neptune House #1  and all my other new realeases.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Never played live yet, but am interested.
Your musical influences
My biggest influence is Daft Punk. I was later inspired by Deadmau5, Tiesto, and Feed Me. My biggest influence that made me DJ was actually DJ Hero the video game.
Anything else?
I post more songs on the following websites than I do on Soundclick: soundcloud.com/optimismusic and reverbnation.com/0pt1m1s (reverbnation account has the newest songs and soundcloud has my more original and previous songs). Enjoy!!!:D
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