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Two Crows Joy
Two Crows Joy
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Two Crows Joy is guitarist and singer-songwriter Russell James Hosley and Jane Dunkin (fiddle, guitar, vocals). For full bio visit twocrowsjoymusic.com, About T
A duo match made in heaven. We started playing together in the summer of 2013 together with Joe Wrabek in the north Oregon coast band, Coaster.
Band/artist history
LOL - so far it's a full year of bliss. Excited about performing as a duo and continuing work on Two Crows Joy's first album with 11 of Russ's original songs ... err CD, of course.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We love to play live. Had a standing Friday night gig summer of 2013 (as Coaster) and occasionally only two of us could be there. Russ's music brought a whole new dimension to the band, and we decided to focus on his originals and started performing as a duo. We've had a busy summer 2014 playing local restaurants and events on the north Oregon coast - having a blast.
Your musical influences
Visit Russell James' page here on soundclick - he's an amazing songwriter.
What equipment do you use?
Nothing worth writing about - cobbled together sound system. It works.
Anything else?
Russ writes the songs. Jane accompanies him on fiddle and sometimes guitar and vocal harmonies. And as the songs are recorded, Jane's skills as a sound engineer are developing, too. The tracks will be mastered by Larry Schaeffer, Coast Recording in Nehalem. Hopefully we'll post more of Two Crows Joy very soon.
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