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Universal Starseed Consciousness
Universal Starseed Consciousness
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Music by members of social site unitedstarseeds.com
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United Starseeds Of A New Age
A song is like a story which keeps on developing. The more you create, the better to share your world with others. Our purpose is to unite stories of life with creations from true visionaries of art, featured here are the pieces we have inspired to share as such.
Band/artist history
Our site started out in November of 2012 and has steadily grown since then. We are always featuring events and jams as well as digital content from different people who are stepping forward to bring us their share of music. Having said that, our actual music production didn't really start to increase in flow until some time in the middle of 2013, to which we're always grateful for.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Some of us do, some don't. Because each band is unique, we wish to showcase colaborations from all who are music artists. We do have a lot of bands around Europe, so some live events do happen there.
Your musical influences
Hearts Of Space, Meditations, anything promoting creativity and truly a custom design, so everyone can get involved, interactive setting is important to us.
What equipment do you use?
It truly depends, some of us use the computer while others prefer to keep things real with real sounds and instruments that don't necessarily involve synthesizers, but instead feature guitars, drums, pianos, other string instruments, vocals without auto tune and so on.
Anything else?
Care to connect? Come join us at http://www.unitedstarseeds.com our home site.