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Smooth hip hop with touches of jazz, soul, gospel, and other world music.
I just try to keep things simple. The songs that I write are passionate displays of the everyday life and trials of a young, black man. Sometimes it's hard. Some times it's gritty. Sometimes it's lovely, happy, and rewarding. It's life. It is what it is/Fists and tears/Glocs and empty beers/500 dollar cars with 5000 dollar rims//Where crime pays/We sting crab rappers like devil rays//They're lucky they're wearing their protective covering/My nine sprays//Anyway... What can I say?... I'm in love with Hip Hop.
Band/artist history
I'm sure you don't wanna hear my life story. Oh.. You do! Okay. I started rapping when I was nine years old (1987). Every so often we would have battles at Martin Van Lucas Elementary in East St. Louis, IL., in the cafeteria. It was the fifth grade vs. the sixth grade. That's how it all started, back when I went by Jazzy J. Hey, it was the eighties. In eighth grade Jeff Sims, Andrew McGuire, and myself formed 3XD, or Three Times Dope, in Skokie, IL. I was twelve (1990). That was back when the first House Party Movie came out. Now there's a graph crew in Chicago called 3XD. I wonder if Jeff has anything to do with that. Who knows?... In tenth grade I formed a group called Doomsday. It started in Chicago at St. Benedict High School with these two kids, Ismael and Kenny, but it really came together when I moved back to East. St. Louis and hooked up with my oldest friend Mista Detektive and his cousins, Moey Mo and Mizta Inspekta. I took the name Miztahprofessa and we recorded our first album, entitled, "May the Grace of God be with You", featuring The Infamous Wobie. In 1995 I joined "The Crew" and recorded a few songs in Chicago. I later recorded "1000 Man Brawl" with The Doom Squad. In 1997 Joe Maestro and myself formed Poisoned Pawns, later adding Neo and Timekeeper to the group. I began to go by Jaeti. I also began to freestyle on mix tapes by DJ Mike James. In 1999 I got together with some other Chicago emcees and formed a temporary crew in hopes of completing a compilation project. The crew was called The Mpire, but only one song was released from that combined effort, "Tha Matrix". In 2000, Neo, Dino, Jay, Chris, and myself formed DTRH. Jay and Chris played live instruments and Neo, Dino and myself were the emcees. We did a few shows, but eventually the group dissolved. Now I'm a solo artist. Well, that's basically it. Now I know you're bored to death, but I didn't make you read it.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeah! East St. Louis, Chicago, Atlanta. My favorite venue is "The House" in DeKalb, Illinois. I used to do a show there a couple of years ago. Live band, breakers, DJs, the whole nine. It was hot.
Your musical influences
Sade, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Steel Pulse, Nas, Dead Prez, Common, Anita Baker, Luther Vandross, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, The Temptations, Michael Jackson, Wu Tang Clan, 2 Pac, Sam Cooke, Run DMC, Eightball and MJG, Ice Cube, Slick Rick, Too Short, Scarface, Roots, Kanye West, Heiroglyphics, Mocha Only, The Funk Brothers, Encore, Joanne Macon, etc.
What equipment do you use?
Anything that makes a sound.
Anything else?
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