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B! Davis Presents... Bad Boys Break Down Too
B! Davis Presents... Bad Boys Break Down Too
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B! Davis Presents... Bad Boys Break Down Too! Kick Ass Anthems To Get Fucked Up And Cry To On A Friday or Stay Home, Stoned, Just Remembering on a Tuesday
B! Davis - 16 Days
I'm B! Davis! Let me tell ya a story... Several years ago, it occurred to me that I had run right outta ways to say fuck. Boy, I've screamed it, I've cried it. I've meant it, I've denied it. I've sexted it. I've spelled it in my Alpha-Bits cereal. I've spelled it in the snow with my piss. Well, one day I figured how to play a C and a D on a busted ass 6 string that had, not only followed me around my whole life, but also somehow managed to keep up. The next day, somebody taught me how to cheat on the G chord and I've been singing fucking songs ever since! Sometimes people will try to ignore you while you're trying to give a well deserved fuck. But, I'll tell you what.. You breakout a git and burst into fucking song... Mother fuckers start listening. Please do, by all means, post feedback, comments, complaints, compliments, questions, snide remarks, and/or any bitching you might have to get out of the way, on my page! Would love to hear from ya!
Band/artist history
Bad Boys Break Down Too is a collection of rough drafts and works in progress I've created alongside a few other talented fellers I've met along my way who also feel... that... that feeling... deep inside of themselves. They too have found their own way of harnessing the energy created by the feeling as it flows throughout their bodies... their minds... their souls... their hearts. As well, they've learned tp transform this energy... this feeling... and allow it to escape in the form of a mysterious push from within we call music.
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