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Harry Pyle
Albany , NY  USA
February 08, 2004
6,934 plays
You'll have to listen to find out...
Band/artist history
I began to learn how to play keyboards at the age of 20 when I was between colleges. I got myself a copy of fruity loops and discovered how to make catchy beats. I never learned how to play the way musicians are traditionally taught. The bitchy nature of music instructors in elementary and high school actually prevented me from picking up an instrument earlier on in life. I recall telling someone when I was 18, "I could never play an instrument" and ironically enough when I did I said "I could never play this stuff live." Well I was wrong. In 2004 I was asked to play my first show opening for 4 hardcore bands. The word got out that I was a total bad ass accordionist and I started playing gigs all over the capital region that summer. .. Since then I've also hit Plattsburgh State University, The SUNY Institute of Technology in Utica, Brooklyn and some other places. One thing I learned is how to get a crowd going apeshit without saying a word. I compose on average 200 songs a year about 40 of which end up being listenable( although some people think my crappy songs sound good too go figure.) I am an unstoppable so watch the fuck out. The music I create is is based on the way music makes you feel. I don't limit myself to sticking to one particular genre or style, I just do what sounds good to me.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
If you look at a map of New York and make a triangle with Plattsburgh, New York City and Utica, it covers all the places I've played live shows.
Your musical influences
I think when I was 13 I discovered a world of music outside the mainstream. Since then I've probably been to thousands of shows. Basically I learn everything I can from all the musicians I meet. There's alot of great music out there. There's also alot of bullshit.
What equipment do you use?
FL Studio 8 on the HPX, a yamaha psr 292 keyboard, bass, electric guitar, and an accordion
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Albany , NY  USA
February 08, 2004
6,934 plays