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R Landon Wills
February 03, 2014
838 plays
I'm essentially a one-man home studio production unit. I write, play, sing, record, edit in my off-grid solar-powered rural home, and connect with the world via satellite internet. I can play several instruments, but dwell mostly on guitars, both electric and acoustic, 6-string, baritone, and bass.
Band/artist history
Started writing and playing in the 60s, in my native Kentucky. Recorded a self-produced single in a basement studio in Central City, which led to a connection with RCA Nashville. We (my brother Richard, Steve White and I) recorded two songs, a single was released and went nowhere - the Nashville brass decided to have us cover a Mann/Weill song, and someone else had the hit, and we were instant history. I relocated to Toronto, then to the country north of TO, then rural west Quebec, all the time dragging guitars and an obsession with writing and recording along for the ride.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live locally on occasion. I don't especially relish it, as it's usually a compromise of the sounds I imagine, with the sounds I can actualize in real time. I prefer recording.
Your musical influences
the Beatles, Dylan, John Prine, Roger Miller, Van Morrison, Love, Jimmy Cliff, the Wailers, Steve Earle, Ron Hynes, Sara Ellen Dunlop, Little Village, Buffalo Springfield, the Byrds, the Clash, Iris DeMent, Rodriguez
What equipment do you use?
MacBook Pro/GarageBand, Shure, Behringer and CAD microphones, Lyx Kro guitar, Harmony H-78, Michael Kelley hybrid, Eastwood baritone, several Ibanez guitars, Fender Princeton and Roland Street Cube amps,
Anything else?
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February 03, 2014
838 plays