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Special-E Productions
Special-E Productions
5 Tracks
Hip Hop Instrumentals for Sale!
Dream of You - Instrumental (Akai MPD26 Beat)
Bringing a highly technical performance to the table, Special-E utilizes the unique take on the art of a DJ. While most traditional DJs are simply playing one track into another for the crowd, Special-E is delivering a constant transition with music taking its own form and natural progression. With only about 2 years of experience, Special-E has broke in to the local scene with appearances in FIX Nightclub as well as a large online following. In the process, he has proven that he understands the universal language of music, and how to speak it. This is just one of his many musical outlets where his audience continues to grow and loyally support him. His music projects his impeccable taste and passion, making it heartfelt and personal for his audience. Further setting him apart is his warm persona and humble attitude that portray DJ Special-E's pure love for the music and desire to share that with others.
Band/artist history
Past Events: Spreaker Radio - Show every Friday at 10 PM EST FIX Nightclub Audition - Louisville, KY Halloween Party - Louisville, KY Lobby Show - Pleasure Ridge Park High School, Louisville, KY
Your musical influences
I like 40's and 50's jazz and swing music, so you may notice a lot of those elements in my productions.
What equipment do you use?
FL Studio 11 Akai MPD26 Behringer XENYX2442 MXL 3000 Condenser Mic Pyle Pro 7-Piece Drum Mic Kit DDrum D2 5 Piece Drum Kit with a plethora of cymbals. Numark USBTTB Turntable VINYLS! Phillips Hi-Def Surround Sound Playback System
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