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Hypellion is for now a progressive/experimental metal project I created to simply share what I am writing. Solo project.
Wednesday Night Boredom
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Hypellion is a project I am working on from out of my little room/studio, nothing glamorous. I chose this sub-genre of metal as I really like how creative you can be with it. It is quite interesting how different so many artist within the genre sound so different from each other, and hopefully I can remain as different.
Band/artist history
I will come clean. I'm relatively green as a guitar player and even greener with music writing. I do believe that willl show, but I'm using this project as both a way to really lock down a particular style and sound as well as get some exerpience.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No no, this is only a small project. Hopefully one day with enough exposure. Hint-ity hint, fans! But the idea of that is simply not what I am focusing on. I love music. Even if I never make a dime off of it, that does not mean I will stop making it!
Your musical influences
Slipknot, Lamb of God, Children of Bodom, Meshuggah, Killswitch Engage, Animals as Leaders, Andy McKee, Periphery, Jeff Loomis, Zakk Wylde, Andy James, Scale the Summit
What equipment do you use?
Schecter Damien Elite - 8 (EMG 808 active pickups - 26.5 in. scale length), Fender Mustang Mk 1, Guitar Rig 5, Mixcraft 6. (For our recordings we use the last 2 mentioned.) Some little Yamaha keyboard.
Anything else?
Go easy on me. I'm not claiming you will hear anything that will absolutely blow your mind but I am hoping to have a song or two that you may enjoy! And please if you like it, let me know, that way I know what I was doing right.