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Won-18 consists of 2 key members, Rellik and Plex. The Edmonton-based duo has worked together as solo artists and as a crew since 1996 and present their first L
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Won-18 consists of 2 key members. They are Rellik and Plex. The duo has worked together and as solo artists since 1996. Won-18's first LP, "The Dirty Boulevard," is set for release December, 2005. Over 700 advance copies have already been released in Alberta and British Columbia. It's available online at http://www.phonographique.com/store/customer/product.php?productid=9765
Band/artist history
Representing 118 Avenue, or "The Dirty Boulevard", which is situated in the northside of Edmonton, is the hip-hop group , Won-18. With over 250 shows under their belts, Won-18 has yet to release their first album. The long-awaited LP, is expected to be available in summer 2005, under the independant label, New Leaf Records. Production duties are at the hands of Rellik and Plex, who have over 200 pieces of work combined . Together, they produce tracks for numerous artists in the Edmonton area. Also a part of the Won-18 family, are veteran emcees FBI, Tanner Lane and Touch and Stray from Dangerous Goods Collective, as well as r'n'b vocalist, Lase. This beefed up line-up, ensures that the upcoming Won-18 release, will be worth the wait. Let the music speak for itself. Ladies and Gentlemen, here are, Rellik and Plex, also known as, Won-18. P.S. As of January 2004, Won-18 is proud to announce the addition of turntablist " Sundance" (formerly of War Party) to the crew.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, we do live shows. BUT...Currently , we are focusing on finishing up the album just to have something concrete. There will definately be some touring, as well as a few Edmonton shows this summer.('06)
Your musical influences
I don't know...Stevie Wonder, Johnny Cash, Run DMC, Michael Jackson, RHCP, Led Zep, Xzibit , Tribe, etc......Lotsa diversity.
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