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Statik G
Statik G
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For more info about Statik G, go to one of these pages: www.facebook.com/therealstatikg (official Facebook) www.twitter.com/statikrx (official twitter) www.y
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Band/artist history
I started writing at a very young age but was far too shy to ever show anyone any of my work. Occasionally for school, they'd make me enter poetry or short stories and I usually won. But as far as music, I never wanted people to see it. One day I showed a friend, they thought it was awesome and I stayed with it ever since. That was when I was 14 years old, going by Statik all way back then. I didn't actually end up recording any material til the age of 17. When I finally did, I was an 'internet rapper' as I call em. Never did live shows, never really engaged with music outside of my home town and the internet. In 2008 I started performing live shows and joined a few friends to create a super group I called "Prescrxption". We went far as a team, but life caught up to everyone after 3 years of doing constant shows and it was hard to maintain new music and performances every time. After splitting off (but still working together seperately) I decided to go solo. Since then things have been going amazing; opened my first web store, hit my first tour, smashed a few separate festivals and released two albums in 2013 -- including my biggest hit to date -- Slightly Sober. More to come, I'm only going up from here.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Play live all the time. Just finished one tour, in the middle of planning the next for spring and one for summer. I've played over 15 states just in 2013 and look to double that in 2014. I could list a special moment, but all the others would get jealous. Just stay tuned -- plenty more to come.
Your musical influences
Too many to list. I appreciate music from most any genre. Primarily Rock/Hip Hop related, but I can jam to anything that can make my head nod and my feet twitch.
What equipment do you use?
Beast Eater Musick studio equipment
Anything else?
Statik is like the word Fuck. It can be whatever you want, applied in whatever way you wish, and used to convey any emotion conceivable. Don't understand? Pick up Slightly Sober at www.ShopStatik.com and see what you've been missing.
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