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Royal L aka Lil C-Logic (DMV
Royal L aka Lil C-Logic (DMV
22 Tracks
One of the DMV's Hottest underground artist, Producer/Composer, Radio Personilaty, Song writter, Musician, entertianer, with an string of albums under his belt.
20 songs
Artist Biography Stage Name: Royal L aka Lil C-Logic (DMV's Finest) Artist skills: Song Writer, Composer, Performer, Choreographer, Congo player, show production, Actor, Radio Host, Musician, Film Production, Musical engineering, Artist Name: Royal L aka Lil C-Logic (DMV's Finest) Producer Name: dmvshawtyonthebeat Genres covering: Any All Inspired by DOB: 04-26-1987 Birth Place: Washington DC Social Networking Email:) dmvshawty2013@gmail.com Email#2:) lilclogic@gmail.com Email#3:)Giftedmindfilms@gmail.com Email:#4) littvdmv@gmail.com www.Reverbnation.com/clogic www.myspace.com/dmvclick www.youtube.com/C3izzy www.Facebook.com/search: Lil C-Logic www.soundcloud.com/search:Lil C-Logic www.twitter.com/search: Lil C-Logic www.youtube.com/Search: Lil C-Logic Dpe.Productions/DMV.ENT LLC Bookings: (240)-468-2632 Bio Born in SE Washington DC in greater southeast community hospital, the most inticipated artist coming from out of the DC, MD, VA, area in years. Known for his original sound, Lil C-logic has been into arts perfecting his craft since the tender age of 7years old. Being form a town of creativity, Birthplace of the sound of GO-GO, Lanell Maurice Freeman didnt have a hard time discovering his craft and love for music. In Barnaby Manor Elementary School His teacher found it obvious that he was musically inclined. In 5th grade, Lanell couple of friends formed a group entitled, LRC Lanell, Robert, Chris. Staying dedicated too the love of music and education, his teachers choose them to create a song for a test in elementary called The MSPAP test and where able to perform it in front of there entire 5th grade class and faculty, as long as they kept there grades above average, which they did. Once they impressed staff members, classmates, faculty as well as the principal, the where reward for they creativity, and was ask by there teacher Mr. Harris to present a Black history song as well for the month of black history. Once again, they blow classmates, faculty, staff members as well as the principal away by there dedication and growing creativity. In there six grade years, the school principal, faculty and staff members decided too have a showcase for what they created. All students from the sixth grade and 5th grade class where able to participate, and it became a big deal too the entire school. All grades where able to attend and watch the entire 5th and 6th grade classes perform both showcase for the MSPAP test and black history month, and only one class could win. Both there performances for the MSPAP test and black history month blow the entire school away, and there class came in 1st place and won. He was rewarded by his Pre-K teacher, Mrs. Nelson for doing a great job. In middle school even though his elementary school classmates and friends Robert, and Chris went to another school, Lanell never stopped being himself nor lose the love he had for producing and Creating. he the began working on projects of his own. Inspired by some of music greatest like Biggy Smalls, 2pac shakur, Nas, Method Man, A tribe called Quest, Slick Rick & More, he began writing and beat making on a daily basis. He join the school band, entered into drama classes, and entered into talent showcases as well, and in his 7th and 8th grade year won the King of The Flow Showcase in front of the whole school with a live band. In high school, his teachers notice his musical abilities, but a few wasnt able too recognize it and considered him a class clown. In 9th grade at the age of 15teen, he recorded his first studio album in his fathers home studio. Form recording on a karaoke machine in his room saleing his tapes in middle school, he recorded his 1st project entitled Left, Right, Left(young and hardcore) and performed it live in Washington dc on Television with his farther, an artist as well known asDeebone. Since then he continued to work and perform through high school. He performed on Love TV which was well known in the DMV area, he performed at numerous open mic nights across the DMV area at spots like the reef bar, halery Riders, the Pashion Lounge in Wheaton, the G2 lounge in DC, and more. By the age of 21, he has already written and produced 15 underground albums. By the age of 21, it was no question if music was what he not only loved to do, his craft has matured on him in everyway. Now with more then 21 underground albums under his belt, a fan base along with artist that loves his work and how hes able to cross from one genre to another, Lanell Lil C-Logic Freeman is one of the DMVs most hottest and most feariest song writers and producers of his time from the DC area. Just finishing three new projects entitled Seduction Vol.2 Hip-pop Rockstar & No Dreads And working on three more, he has taking his craft to another level, creatively, professionally, as well as in business. From performing in elementary school at the age of 8, too subjugating the open mic and talent showcase scene in the DMV area, too performing on the National Mall in his home town Washington DC, at the 2012 capital hill festival, CEO of his own production and entertainment company, he is most defiantly about his business. Also known as one of the DMVs most Original and consistent producers, Lil C-Logic is always working by nature too grow and become greater at his Craft, he is determine to shock the world with what he couldnt help but do all his life, one of his many gifts he finds stability in. In the words of his 15th album entitled THE ONE He is THE ONE and THE Only Lil C-LOGIC (DMVS Finest) Da Real Deal Holyfeild .. Check him out!!!! Lanell Lil C-Logic Freeman DMVS Finest (Da Real Deal Holyfeild)
Band/artist history
Capital Hill National Mall Festival 2012 Washington DC, Ras Lounge 2011 Wahington DC, Guilty By Association Concert series 2013 Takoma Park MD, Pashion Lounge Concert Series Wheaton MD, Howard University Homecoming 2011 Washington DC, Harley Riders Club 2008 Clinton MD, Soundgate Studios 2016-2017, (Supa Witty) The Album live across all platforms @Lil C-Logic along with more King of the Flow Andrew jackson Middle school 2000 Suitland MD, Barnaby manor elementary school 96-99 Mspap performance winners & black history performance winners with group "LRC"
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes i have, in fact i remember one time when i've performed at this spot in riverdale md i think call feguos now but then it was something else, but there was this television channel they had out in our area called "Love TV" and artist was performing along with comdeians and everything. The show was syncopated so it was on anthena tv and i think is channel 80, but i was performing their one night with a good buddie mines who is a producer and man i a never forget, i was performing one of my new albums intros and walked off stage as i was performing, pants sagging and everything, had the crowed going and tryed too hop back on stage.... why i do that, i didn't fall or nothing but got stucked trynna hop back on i fell back on my feet hopped like 2 times again and finally made it LLS!!! yeah that was a funny moment for me. But the special on is when i heard i child hood friend of mines was throwing and event and had performers and i haven't spoke to them in a long time, but i knew if went a did a pop up on them they would remember me. So i went up there, popped up on them, they remember me everybody was giving me hugs, and i told her in was performing tonight and she was suprised, but what made it so special was that when she introduce me she introduce me by my first rapp name, "What the C stands for in my name" Coollade lls, what i told them 2 call me as an kid, not knowing to call me Lil C-Logic , i felt that that was a special moment for me.
Your musical influences
My influneces comes from alot of artists and musicians like my dad "Deebone" who is one of DC's RNB Soul Singers, umm 2-pac, Method Man, T.I., Timbaland, missy elliot, michael jackson, freddy jackson, man the list goes on, but manly its the sound the music, i know you heard freddy jackson a mike cause i love not only the artist but the music behind them.
What equipment do you use?
Well i use everything, not nothing specific because you know i grew up in the 90's and eraly 2000's so its nothing to me when all tust fails and your computer crashes on, i could pull out my fostex digital mixer Mr-HD 16 track, and run a casio or roland threw it a get to work lls, you know what im saying? but as of today shoot use use, what? um, Mixcraft 8, phantom keybaord, studio One 3, but manily mixcraft and studio one 3, Pro tools i use in the bigger studios like soundgate when i produce with out producers.
Anything else?
But yeah thanks for your time, check out my new album that dropped entitled "Supa Witty" its available across all platforms right now, today! Lls, and see what a playa up 2 man, i got more coming for ya'll and if you ante hip check out some of my previous work that online @www.reverbnation.com/clogic where i got like over 130 songs avaliable for you to bang. Also, check me out every friday on air sirius XM radio Presented BY GDSS on the INVALID Lit Tv DMV' Where we specialize in promotion and advertising all small businesses of all aspects of business, and artists of all aspects of the arts, it don't matter what you do, you could do hair, landscaping, act, sing, construction we got you lls. In addittion, Follow me on instagram @dmvshawtyonthebeat , on facebook @ Lil C-Logic (DMV's Finest) , on twitter @Lil C-Logic , and don't forget to get the new album "Supa Witty" On Amazon, Spotify, Iheart Radio, Deezer, you name it's their lls, one luv stay on the look out for a playa and Seek abundance!! i mean dat, i been on the grind out here in the DMV for along time and got a hell of a following with what i do, im just independentb but Seek abundance!!!
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