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Young Cypher Billions
Young Cypher Billions
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Young Cypher Billions (born January 5, 1993) is an american rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer.
Young Cypher Billions (born January 5, 1993) is an american rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer. Cyphe initially gained recognition with the release of his debut promotional mixtape Straight Outta Brooklyn which released mid 2015. After the release of this mixtape he signed a distribution deal through Ditto Music in 2016 is is set to release his debut album From Brooklyn With Love under this new label early 2017.
Band/artist history
Ive been writing music since i was 9 and got my start after watching the old freestyle fridays on BET. I remember telling my self that any one can do that ya know? like rhyming words together thats first grade stuff lol and thats how i got started. Thats what it was at first i was writing music as if i was battling not really writing songs like how i am now, and i was in the local battle scene for a while after that. i didnt start recording music till i was about 16. i spent all that time from 9 to now (24 years old) working on my craft and im excited to be releasing my debut album "Made In Brooklyn" mid 2017.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live when ever i can but probably not as much as i should. When i play live i like to go to local open mics, not to say i dont wish to play at larger venues but there is something intimate about performing locally in small settings i feel like i can connect with the people easier that way. Its always a special moment to me when i perform in front of a crowd. Just to be able to vibe with the people is what makes it so special to me seeing the expressions and how some are able to relate to what im saying is the best part.
Your musical influences
I was first influenced by watching BET's Freestyle Friday. As i started making my own music i was influenced by the artist that i heard on the radio as i was growing up. Guys like jay -z and 50 cent. As i got older i started to be influenced by different types of artist as well as different types of music. Today id say im influenced by artist like Kanye West, Drake, and Travis Scott.
What equipment do you use?
A pen and a pad lol
Anything else?