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David Church and Terri Lisa
Lancaster, Ohio  USA
November 26, 2013
1,690 plays
David Church is the "Star" of the popular TV show, "Midwest Country" featured on the RFDTV Network, He is making a huge connection to fans who are starving for the traditional sound of “Retro Country” music. From college students to great grandparents the impact of his “roots/retro” music brings a connection that crosses generations. He has gained attention by the mega music website, “Reverbnation”. Reverbnation features over 2.9 Million artists all over the world. His original song, “The Old Red White & Blue” written by Church rose to #8 on the national charts & “I Don’t Live In Lonely Anymore” rose to #20 on the national charts. In June, 2013, "With over a million artists in the country genre, that’s an incredible accomplishment”, stated by Michael Doernberg, the CEO and developer of one of the most popular music websites in the world. David has been featured on the “home” page of Reverbnation. The site gets over 250 Million visits a month from unique visitors. Church has been featured as a regular on the RFD-TV’s popular show “Midwest Country” for the past 10 years, along with his wife, Terri Lisa Church. It is easy to understand why he is RFD-TV’s “most requested” artist. Amazingly, without a major hit on mainstream radio, Church has millions of fans all over the world. Bruce Maier, the editor of a major music magazine, Damn Good Tunes called David, “a rare entertainment entity”. He went on to say “he creates a visual presentation that is absolutely dazzling to witness. He does something that 99% of all other artists cannot do and that is stand on their own with their own music.” David was born and raised in Lancaster, OH; a small town on the outskirts of Columbus. The youngest of 14, David grew up surrounded by country music and bluegrass. His father taught himself to play the 5 string banjo and played at local barn dances and picnics, where he performed some of the songs by artists such as Uncle Dave Macon, The Carter Family, Jimmy Rodgers, and Bill Monroe. Several of his brothers and uncles also played guitar and sang. David’s fascination with the guitar began as early as he could walk and he began picking it up and playing around the age of 5. Everywhere around him, the influence of country music began to form strong roots in David’s life. As he began to learn to play and study vocal techniques he was influenced by many of the early country music pioneers. David has been featured in numerous major country music magazines including, Country Weekly, Country Music Report, Nashville, Music Guide, Dreamwest, Damn Good Tunes, Furious, and many others. Church attributes his success in the music business to the millions of “true country fans” that are tired of what they hear on the radio. “The success that I have had has come from the fans that so long for the traditional sound of country that they have heard in the past, but no longer find in mainstream country music. Those are the fans that have been forgotten. I also feel that a lot of RFD-TV’s success can be attributed to the country music shows that they have been airing, which go along with the country and farm lifestyle. We are proud to be a part of this family oriented TV network.” David performs throughout the world along with his talented wife, Terri Lisa Church. Terri Lisa is also a recording artist/songwriter. She sings lead and backup vocals. Terri Lisa is a published journalist.
Band/artist history
ACCOMPLISHMENTS “The Old Red White & Blue reaches #8 on the NATIONAL charts on Reverbnation “I Don’t Live In Lonely Anymore” reaches Top 20 on Reverbnation NATIONAL Charts and stays there for 6 weeks. 2012 Award winning Choreographer creates dance to David’s song “A Dime At A Time” receives national and international attention as Award winning/international dance choreographer, Ira Weisburd creates a new dance called “Cross Country Slide”. “I don’t often work with country music, but David’s voice captured my attention. It has something really special. And I was right! I believe this will re-ignite a worldwide passion for country line dance.” Ira Weisburd, Sept. 2013 Host’s and performs at “Experience Music & Fashion” just prior to CMT Awards. Featuring Celebrity, Phil Vassar and a fashion show by world renowned, “Manuel. 2012 Endorsement from Martin Guitars - features David Church at the CMA Fest and 2012 NAMM in Nashville Recognized as a Celebrity by many music pro’s & major celebrities. Headliner at Legends of Country & Bluegrass - “We have received more calls and emails on David Church than any other major act in 27 years.” Johnnie Stinger, Promoter Featured at the RFD-TV THEATER in Branson, MO. Named “RISING LEGEND” by the National Traditional Country Music Assoc. and Hall of Fame WWE, (World Wrestling Entertainment) records song by David Church. Featured on shows worldwide, and also on video game. WWE is the #2 most watched show in the world Custom Made” reaches #1 in Europe. Bill Mack, Features David Church on XM RADIO.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We have performed all over the US, Canada & Europe. From small intimate venues to festivals and fairs over 200,000. We love being on tour and meeting new friends and fans. We have had so many special moments! Performing with many of the legends of country music including: Gene Watson, Jimmy Fortune, Jeannie Sealy, Charlie Pride, George Jones, and more. We have not only opened, but been honored to share the stage! One of David's special moments was meeting legendary steel player, Don Helms, recording with him and becoming great friends with him and his wife.
Your musical influences
David - Hank Williams, Merle Haggard, Alan Jackson, and many of the pioneers of country music Terri Lisa - Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton, Martina McBride, Karen Carpenter, Jeannie Sealy
What equipment do you use?
We a full sound and lighting system.
Anything else?
Watch us on the RFD-TV Network on Saturday nights! You can find out where it is at: http://www.rfdtv.com
Lancaster, Ohio  USA
November 26, 2013
1,690 plays