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Audiostratus Studios: The vision of tomorrow can only be seen through the eyes of yesterday and the knowledge of today.
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I've always been in music. Music is the fast-track to my heart and soul. Anything I write has an imprint of who I am at the time it is written. So if you listen to my music, you are really listening to my heart. Not only that, I want to help people get to know themselves as well. I try to write across a broad spectrum of music to appeal to many people (not primarily as a marketing strategy, mind you) to convey this to as many people as possible.
Band/artist history
I first began writing music in my senior year of high school (1998), so that is where I got my first taste of classical composing. Though only a little of my work has been performed publicly (arrangements of church music, as well as a fanfare I wrote for a school play), I still enjoy writing it for myself. Though I began writing music (classical, jazz) in 1998, I took a small break in 2000-2001, due to my joining the military. In 2001, I "found" electronic music: Trance. After much experimentation (rather unsuccessful at that), I turned to a deeper part of myself and wrote slower, more meaningful pieces. "Eternal Symphony" is one such example, and one of these days I will upload the other songs from that album. After more success with that style, and being pleased with the way it sounded, I continued down that path, writing some more-energetic music (ambient psy-trance) as well, I gained my footing in what I found I was best at. After finishing three albums, "Scenes From the Mind", "Light of Dawn", and "The Inside-out", I recieved an email from Statue Records stating their desire to sign me. So I put together a 3-song introductory CD called "In The Beginning...", and is now on sale at www.statuerecords.net. In 2004, I was so enthralled by the ideas behind "The Lord of The Rings" (not just the movies mind you), and being a fan of "Pictures At An Exhibition", by Modest Moussorgsky, I decided to do my own multi-part piece. I envisioned "The Towers of Guinari", a kingdom spanning a large part of the world, with evil on its darkest borders, and large trade and culture coming from the eastern borders. Perhaps one day I will have video created to visualize my idea, but for now, please enjoy the music I have on here (which is being updated a bit before release, so check back often). From 2007 - 2009, I worked on 3 film scoring projects. The first two were abandoned by the directors, and the last one was released. It wasn't a pro job, but it was good experience nonetheless. Now, I am slowly trying to crank the wheel to get my creative juices going again after a long hiatus. Hope to have some new work out to everyone soon!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Well, no. I dont play live. Not yet anyway. I'm working on making my way into doing film scores and other live orchestra writing, so we'll see where that goes. :-)
Your musical influences
Of course, all music is influenced in some form or another from everything in life, so I won't claim any ONE source. However, If I were to pin down a few, I'd say the following: Electronic: Sasha, Balligomingo Classical: Handel, Tchaikovsky, Copeland, Sibelius, Moussorgsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Rachmaninoff (please forgive the spelling) Jazz: Sade Of course, I put my own little flavor into it. :-)
What equipment do you use?
FL Studio Producer Edition, Finale 2010
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