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Dave Adams(Haverhill)
Dave Adams(Haverhill)
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Dave is a solo musician experimenting,composing, creating and loving every minute of it every day!Almost!
Music Compilation
Welcome to the world of Dave Adams! As a former Mp3.com artist,I felt it was time to re-group and re-organize my work. This new site will give me that opportunity and much more.I have new equipment and alot more to give musically.I hope you enjoy your visit...and feel free to keep 'comin back for more. As Always Dave Adams
Band/artist history
I have been playing some kind of instrument since high school. The trumpet was the instrument of choice in high school and was very serious about it. As I grew older, I ventured out into guitars and dabbled in drums a little. I also played bass guitar in a country band for a while. Then one May day in 1992, I heard something for the first time that ,at that time, had no idea would change my life. I heard Yanni.There, my journey began. Here is where it has led me, and only the Supreme Being knows where it will take me.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Playing live is not something I want to get involved with yet. I have alot more work to do and because most of my work is done in my home studio,live gigs just wouldn't work out .....right now.....but down the road?....who knows?
Your musical influences
My greatest influences are my family members.Mom,Dad,Denny,Darlene,Mike,Dale,my wife Diane, and my boys Stephen,Nick,Jason and Christopher. My granddaughters have also been a great influence. As far as other artists....Yanni,George Winston, Ed Van Fleet, Ernesto Cortazar,Gnomusy,Higgins,Ronan Hardiman,Kitaro, and too many more to mention.
What equipment do you use?
I started my journey with a Yamaha 500 keyboard and grew into a Casio WK 1200 and now ,tahanks to my wife I am using a Yamaha S90 synth. I probably wont need another synth........ever.
Anything else?
As a side project, my brother Denny has created what we call "Overland Xpress". The musical differences between myself and my brother are so far apart,however,when we get together to compose,we blend both of our talents and what comes out is awesome.
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