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Rob Astor
Rob Astor
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Combining elements of New Age, Ambient, Classical, Electronic, Rock & Roll, Video Game Soundtrack, and New Wave, ROB ASTOR successfully melds sound into a sonic
Self Control
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Song Of The Whale, Pt. 1 (From Dawn)
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Whole Lotta Love
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Listening to the music of ROB ASTOR is like listening to Instrumental Science Fiction. Combining elements of New Age, Ambient, Classical, Electronic, Rock & Roll, Video Game Soundtrack, and New Wave, ROB ASTOR successfully melds sound into a sonic tapestry of his own design. Every track comes alive with unique vitality, steering clear of conformity and accepted rules to break ground in unexplored territory.
Band/artist history
I've been writing since the early 1980s. Recording since 1999.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not at the moment. I'd need a full band.
Your musical influences
Tangerine Dream, Spencer Nilsen, James Horner, John Williams, Moby, Erik Norlander, Electric Light Orchestra, Duran Duran, Norm Orenstein, Vangelis, Mars Lasar, Daft Punk, Kraftwerk -- and just about anyone who had a hit in the 1980s.
What equipment do you use?
Computers and keyboards.
Anything else?
ROB ASTOR - SUPERLATIVE SOUNDSCAPES. Invigorated by the creative spark, Rob Astor follows his musical dreams. I have created a lot of really good music, even if I do say so myself. For a while, Ive wanted to showcase the best of what Ive done so far. With SUPERLATIVE SOUNDSCAPES, I think I really captured the entire essence of my catalog. Its all the best stuff from my original material. The tracks on this collection are the ones that have sold the best or have a wide popularity in cyberspace. The time feels right to launch this project, Rob says. Its been a nagging urge. I have a deep-seeded need to be creative and share the very best of myself. SUPERLATIVE SOUNDSCAPES is the very best of what I have to offer. SUPERLATIVE SOUNDSCAPES features 14 tracks in total. The cross section of tunes features ambient, abstract, relaxing, meditative, acoustic, techno, neo-classical, and rock music. Culled from five double albums (MARSTROPOLIS, XENOPHOBIA, BEYOND MARSTROPOLIS, RAHU, AD ASTRA), the music spans one musical horizon of Rob Astor to the other. The opening track on SUPERLATIVE SOUNDSCAPES is the pounding supernova powered Tiamat (First Movement) inspired by the Gustav Holst Planets Suite found on Rob Astors stellar release AD ASTRA. Next up is the Stevie Nicks inspired techno/symphonic rock hybrid Forest Of The Black Moon from XENOPHOBIA. Also from XENOPHOBIA is the floating 12-string acoustic guitar dream of Tropic Of Antarctica featuring a glacier fracturing backbeat. Stepping into the realm of modern jazz comes the plaintive Summer Rain On Ganymede from RAHU. Music from MARSTROPOLIS comes in the form of the acoustic guitar/hip hop ballad Falling Up followed by a surreal acoustic guitar dream from BEYOND MARSTROPOLIS entitled Flight In Ursa Minor. Entering the realm of abstract deep space, Six Moons Of Pluto from RAHU moves in time with the thoughts of trees and is featured next in the SUPERLATIVE SOUNDSCAPES line-up. Incidentally, Pluto has five moons to date. Everyone take note. Rob Astor began working on Six Moons Of Pluto in 2003. The music began with recurring dreams I kept having about Pluto having six moons, Rob said. Id really like NASA to use it in a documentary about Pluto when the New Horizons probe gets there in 2015. Xenophobia, from the album of the same name, casts its darker-toned shadow over droning keyboards two octaves below a piano while building intense apprehension through string layers and a Middle Eastern-inspired vocal. To counter-balance the previous track, Aurora On Planet Rahu from RAHU chimes in, casting the light of knowledge and enlightenment through the eternal void. As low as Xenophobia dips is as high as Aurora On Planet Rahu soars with its bright acoustic harmonics and up-beat percussion. Layered in electronic textures is the relaxing mid-tempo East Kinsei Kaigan from BEYOND MARSTROPOLIS followed by the low, chunky, funky, and fun Kutulu, a bonus track from XENOPHOBIA. Heavily inspired by driving video game music and a track by the Japanese group Seat Belts respectively, Skyboarding and Get Vertical! keeps the fast-paced, up-beat vibe flowing to the end of the SUPERLATIVE SOUNDSCAPES ride. The last track on SUPERLATIVE SOUNDSCAPES is Echoes Of Raindrops (Xacks Theme) (Rain Forest Effects) from MARSTROPOLIS. In its simplicity, the track features a relaxing spring rain and forest sounds to inspire the music that has become Rob Astors best-known piece. Echoes Of Raindrops (Xacks Theme) was one of the first tracks I recorded in 1999, Rob said. On SUPERLATIVE SOUNDSCAPES, the track has brought me full circle. Im happy if I am only defined by this single track. From the deep, dark reaches of fear and space the dazzling heights of enlightenment and every mood in-between, Rob Astors SUPERLATIVE SOUNDSCAPES collection offers up something for every listener. Be sure to pick up your copy today!
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