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Thundercloud Entertainment
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Kelly Thundercloud - I am a singer/songwriter as well as a mixmaster. Almost every song I sing or produce is 100% original. I rarely co-write or use material composed by other artists. When I compose music, I feel something deeper than the sounds. My songs are written purely from my thoughts and feelings. I reject all "typical" non-creative songs that rise in the charts as if they actually used talent and skill to compose. Most of my music is in a minor key, since I tend to feel a sense of mystery. I like to incorporate catchy effects and uniqueness to all my compositions. I categorize my music as "Floodstyle", since it is entirely unique. However, in the broad perspective, it can be classified as electronica. I have a deep connection to nature, hence the name "Thundercloud". I am not Native American, but I have a strong interest in the culture. I also have a virtually unrealistic and abnormal love for severe weather. I am not into the typical "pop culture" as so many artists nowadays. I feel no need to dress provocative and to write and sing songs about sex. I feel there is so much more in the world that a song can express.
Band/artist history
I (Kelly Thundercloud) grew up near Milwaukee, WI in the little hick town of Richfield, northwest of the city. I have been singing since I was two years old. My family has a video of me singing "Winter Wonder Land" at that age getting the notes and lyrics correct. Throughout my life, I have sang at family gatherings, weddings and in various choirs and talent shows. I have been seriously writing songs for about 8 years. I auditioned for American Idol in summer of 2010. I have not had much experience in the professional business, but fear not. For Kelly Thundercloud has arrived!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have only played/sang for very small occasions, but am an aspiring big stage performer.
Your musical influences
As unlike the two as I am, my very first inspiration was Avril Lavigne and my last is Kesha. When Avril put out her first album back in 2002, I can recall listening to it on my discman while on a family outing. This was the moment I said "I think I really want to be a singer". Since then, other career opportunities came to knock at my door. However, after a disappointing American Idol audition, I confirmed my career choice as a singer and musical composer. I said "I am going to make it big and I am going to do it 100% independently". Since then, watching a specific session on MTV with Kesha (Crazy Beautiful Life), I have been inspired to go out and make it a reality! The empathy I felt for her was immense after listening to a clip of an unreleased song which her record label deemed "unworthy" for the album.
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