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Red River Flood
A stunning mix of harmonic vocals put to the catchiest dance beat, with an ironic touch of folk flavor. A truly original piece!
Verde Valley
A unique folk/electronic track to help you relax and chill out.
Red Harvest
While the gatherers work hard in the fields, Kokopelli plays his flute to celebrate the fertility of a great harvest. Entire track composed and produced by Kelly Thundercloud
Trance extreme! You will experience hypnotic power upon listening to this song!
Wind Advisory
'Uh Oh!" The wind advisory has been issued! Listen to the menacing houl as it rides along a wicked beat.
Kelly Thundercloud - I am a singer/songwriter as well as a mixmaster. Almost every song I sing or produce is 100% original. I rarely co-write or use material composed by other artists. When I compose music, I feel something deeper than the sounds. My songs are written purely from my thoughts and feelings. I reject all "typical" non-creative songs that rise in the charts as if they actually used talent and skill to compose. Most of my music is in a minor key, since I tend to feel a sense of mystery. I like to incorporate catchy effects and uniqueness to all my compositions. I categorize my music as "Floodstyle", since it is entirely unique. However, in the broad perspective, it can be classified as electronica. I have a deep connection to nature, hence the name "Thundercloud". I am not Native American, but I have a strong interest in the culture. I also have a virtually unrealistic and abnormal love for severe weather. I am not into the typical "pop culture" as so many artists nowadays. I feel no need to dress provocative and to write and sing songs about sex. I feel there is so much more in the world that a song can express.
Band/artist history
I (Kelly Thundercloud) grew up near Milwaukee, WI in the little hick town of Richfield, northwest of the city. I have been singing since I was two years old. My family has a video of me singing "Winter Wonder Land" at that age getting the notes and lyrics correct. Throughout my life, I have sang at family gatherings, weddings and in various choirs and talent shows. I have been seriously writing songs for about 8 years. I auditioned for American Idol in summer of 2010. I have not had much experience in the professional business, but fear not. For Kelly Thundercloud has arrived!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have only played/sang for very small occasions, but am an aspiring big stage performer.
Your musical influences
As unlike the two as I am, my very first inspiration was Avril Lavigne and my last is Kesha. When Avril put out her first album back in 2002, I can recall listening to it on my discman while on a family outing. This was the moment I said "I think I really want to be a singer". Since then, other career opportunities came to knock at my door. However, after a disappointing American Idol audition, I confirmed my career choice as a singer and musical composer. I said "I am going to make it big and I am going to do it 100% independently". Since then, watching a specific session on MTV with Kesha (Crazy Beautiful Life), I have been inspired to go out and make it a reality! The empathy I felt for her was immense after listening to a clip of an unreleased song which her record label deemed "unworthy" for the album.
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