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Biggz is the wave of the future. With no songs that cover drugs are guns are thug living. Biggz comes off more gangster and real then any rapper in the past 10y
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Robert Leonard Purvis was born on November 14, in Savannah, and left home at 18 to seek a musical career in Miami, where he became a protégé of local star, rapper and producer Clay D. After signing and concluding a recording contract in 1991, with Suntown Records, he teamed up with Dominique Holloway in a group that would become the Blak Gemz, producing a series of local hits beginning with 2001 "Playaz Anniversary." Around this time, the Gemz embraced there hip hop and street identity, which influenced Biggz's songwriting for years to come. Meanwhile, the duo sound grew deeper and tougher with the addition of lyrists Chalie "Grandwizard" Simmons and his right hand man Maliek "Footsoilder" Colonel, both had been known in Savannah's music underground. In 2001, Biggz formed the independent label O.M Records. 2001's FLATLINEZ was the group debut, and the first and only Gemz disc to be pushed outside of Savannah. The album made a ear catching impression on audiences, thanks to such compositions as the spirtual "I'm a Man," the soul searching "Will I keep on Balling" and the street anthem "Playaz Anniversary," which cleverly introduce the idea that the real player is the working man in today's society. Playaz Anniversary was followed six months later by I'm a Man, which further demonstrated the groups ability to explain street life and family life into anthems. "Will I keep on ballin" and the fiery "Flatlinez" offer more insight to the duo's vision. But it was "Casual Thugz" that would play a crucial role of identifying the duo's identity. Casual Thugz would be the duo's final single, with the duo departing to pursue family life. 2004 found Biggz out of the music scene and into routine family life. The reconfigured Biggz quickly emerged himself into songwriting and studio engineering. For the next eight years, Biggz spent all of his free time writing and recording. Now matured and developed in song writing and engineering, Biggz energized with the love and the knowledge for the game, launched FIRSTFAMILY ENTERTAINMENT IN 2012. FIRSTFAMILY is currently working on BIGGZ latest album release "SEA PORT ICON." Schedule to be release in the summer of 2013.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do perform live. Concerts, clubs, private parties , but I really like unplug. Nothing like jamming with a band.
Your musical influences
All of the great artists in every genre.
What equipment do you use?
My computer for writing. Pro tools for recording. An a studio condenser microphone.
Anything else?
Make sure you connect with BIGGZ fan page on facebook at www.facebook.com/firstfamily.BIGGZ
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