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Def MC 4Life
Def MC 4Life
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Def MC doubles as both a hip-hop artist dedicated to high-quality, original music and a freelance blogger. After the release of his latest project Route 7 he
Pad & Pen (Official Video)
I've pursued my music dream for nearly 9 years. After the release of my latest project "Route 7" my career goals shifted to reflect a more ambitious approach to entertainment: one built on something more than just music alone. I've built up a substantial web presence including social media networking, writing, and guest blogging and I'm also working on a free promotional guide for hip-hop music marketing. My main goals are to help other underground artists get heard and keep making meaningful music for the world to enjoy.
Band/artist history
I've done music for such a long time and I've really come a long way since my first recording almost a decade ago. About 4 years in, I met up with some friends and we formed a hip-hop group called "The Royalty." They have joined me on tracks to varying degrees throughout my career and we have supported each others' music by promoting events and performing together. I am still active in the group, but I have taken on more of a leadership/managerial role.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I don't perform live very often - I've always been more drawn to the technical side of music and I definitely prefer the studio to the stage. I'm not especially the biggest fan of large crowds - but put me in a room with a mixer and a mic and I'm a happy man.
Your musical influences
I have too many influences to even mention musically! Over the years, I've picked up a lot from the industry - both the do's and the don'ts. My wife and daughter probably push me to do music more than anyone else and without them there's no way I would have the focus to come as far as I have. My friends and other family members come in at a close second.
What equipment do you use?
I record my music at Mr. Smalls Studio in Pittsburgh's North Shore. You can Google their website for all of their tech specs.
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