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Franky Demon
Franky Demon
3 Tracks
Franky Demon Combines Dark Wave & Industrial like "Blutengel" - "Goethes Erben" - "Lacrimosa" with Heavy Metal & Goth Metal such as Kiss, Metallica, Maiden, Jud
Franky Demon - Engel der Zeit Teaser 2
Franky Demon is the Project that Combines Dark Wave, Electro-Goth, Heavy Metal and Goth Metal. Active since 2011, after Many Bands he played Drums in Splitt Up
Band/artist history
When he was 7 Years old, he decited to Play Drums. In the Forthcomming Years, Franky Demon played in various Heavy Metal Bands. Later he Learned to Play Piano. After his Last Band splitt Up in 2011, he Decited to Start a Solo Career and featuring guest Musicians. His Debutsingle "Engel der Zeit" was Recordet at the german Record Studios of Aural Records and was Released at German Record Company "NRT-Records" Engel der Zeit featuring the female Voice of Lillith and the Music was Composed, Written and Produced by Franky Demon. Franky Demon plays 2 Types of Music. Electronic Dark Wave and Heavy Metal. After Franky left the Metal / Hardrock Band "Dessert Storm" and various Other Bands. The Decited to Pursue a Solo Carrer as "Franky Demon"
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes we plan Live Gigs in near Future after the upcoming Album , I like it much hahaha yes a very special Moment for me was the first Meeting with Philipp Gottfried who made this all herer happen
Your musical influences
The Influences Are: Kiss Metallica Judas Priest Manowar Blutengel Lacrimosa Goethes Erben Eden Weint im Grab Diary of Dreams Sisters of Mercy Just GOth-Rock, Dark Wave, but also Metal
What equipment do you use?
Steinberg Cubase Rode Mikes Behringer Equipment Hardware: Technics AX7, Kawai K1& Yamaha PSR 520? Software: Steinberg Cubase, EZ Drummer, Various VST Plug Ins
Anything else?
Checkout My Websites http://www.frankydemon.com http://www.nrt-records.com A Big Special Thank goes to: All Graveyarders (My Fanbase), My Friends and Lillyth. Claudi ( my Girlfriend), my Son Luca-Joèl,Stepdaughter Sarah, Step Son Mark, My Mom Ulla, Philipp Gottfried, (NRT-Records) , NRT-Records, Franky Demon Fan Base : Graveyarders, Sota Sinner Grrrrr, Teeri Deetch,my Sis Kaylee Demonator Cox, my Sis Krystal Morris, My Bros in Crime : Jon Hornbrock, Pete Demon, Frank Fahey & Lord Never, Alex Kage & Echotime, Berny"Bernhard" Weiß & Axxis, Mat Sinner,Magnus Rosen And my Close Friends Frank Krieg, Sandy Krieg, Martin Trauselt, Nadja"Naddel"Herzog, Klaus u. Tatjana Müller
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