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Symple Dre
Symple Dre
13 Tracks
Symple Dre is just a normal guy... living and dying at the same time just like everyone else.
Band/artist history
I've been making beats since 2004. my brother had FruityLoops 4 and played some stuff he made (just messing around with it nothing serious)..and i was just blow away by what you could create.. and just fell in love ever since. somehow i built up the confidence to freestyle back in like.. 03, joined a lil rap group at my highschool called SNS. it was cool, but at the same time i wanted to be in control of the topics that i wanted to talk about.. so after a while i found my own way.. went thru like.. 3 different rap names.. (booka t, bookabiz, andre tha gr8, and now symple dre).
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Honestly, i've only been on stage to BREAKDANCE..and that was like.. in the 8th grade.. i was on stage with my other homies, but they were doing their songs, i didnt even have a mic haha.
Your musical influences
Nas and KORN. kinda a weird combination (but they did a song together hah). nas has that lyrical GREATNESS, just the way he spits, WHAT he spits.. honestly i wanna obtain his same lyrical success. and KORN is for that darkside of me.. like i wanna talk about the DARKSIDE of what everyone CHERISHES.. like the riches and the girls, and whatever else.. there's bad in everything.
What equipment do you use?
as of now, i'm using nuendo2 or something, a korg midi board.. a blue bird mic i think.. mainly using my BRAIN haha.
Anything else?
i just hope you enjoy what you hear.. keep in mind i wasnt thinking about what you were GONNA think of my music when i made.. so everything you hear is from the heart. i KNOW i'm not the best. but its just fun to make music.. and produce. my main goal is to be a producer ANYWAY, so at least listen to the beats.. but the lyrics are somewhat powerful as well.. depending on your mindset. but just appreciate it for what it is.. and i appreciate it.
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