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Mrcorbett is the musical alter ego of English Singer-Songwriter Warren Jenks, Mrcorbett is a quirky lyrical chap who loves to dabble in many styles of music.
The Woken Spirit Mrcorbett 2020 Album Promo
Born few many moons ago, I've been writing songs since i was a wee nipper but only got brave enough to let others hear them when I was old enough not to worry if they were any good, luckily I've sold quite a few since and have performed live over a thousand times. What's even more amazing is that I never get bored of making up some new ones and trying them out on your fine ears! Any comments on my music are always gratefully received by Mrcorbett, and thank you for reading this if you got this far! fare thee well and bless ya fellow music fan :)
Band/artist history
I play live as either Mrcorbett or more usually under my own name Warren Jenks, but all my online music from 2010 goes under my moniker Mrcorbett, as do my YouTube videos etc
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes i play live regulary at open mics, usually on my own, performing a mix of my own stuff and some choice covers which not many others do, like tv themes and Beatles classics like "a day in the life" and "Happiness is a warm gun", anything that challenges me and tickles the audience really. My highlights so far are playing at a couple of one day festival gigs to nearly 1000 people, very scary but a great experience all the same.
Your musical influences
I am a Beatles nut and always have been since i can remember, also a Pink Floyd nut, so you will hear a lot of both bands in my music, but i listen to a variety of music and Kate Bush is my current fave, she's so different and clever. I do try and soak in everything i hear though and see what my mind jumble can come up with.
What equipment do you use?
Yamaha N12 mixer into Cubase on PC , Eastwood, Faith, Squier, Ephiphone guitars, Oktava mic and also sometimes a Samson and Ribbon mic
Anything else?
I make good honest music, with little pretense of stardom. The best thing doing this is when someone likes your song or your lyric, or even rarely for me my voice! So I hope you like the tunes and if you do please cheer me up and tell me! :) x
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