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Red 7 Fury
Red 7 Fury
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This will be the year that R7F finally breaks out of the studio and into the club scene with a sonic assault that will be unrivaled. R7F fans continue to witnes
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Can't Believe I Loved You
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Red Velvet Sky
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The One Thing
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Red 7 Fury is an industrial band that signed with Silencer Records in July 2003. One release to date: "Red Velvet Sky", a 4-song EP that was voted one of the top EP's of 2004 by Industrial Zoning. Now an independent project, THE DEPTHS INSIDE will be the full length follow-up release in is due in early 2005.
Band/artist history
Red 7 Fury was initially a solo studio-based project that began in 2003. Furious Stylz, a producer/artist from NJ, named his new project R7F upon signing a contract with Silencer Records in O'Fallon, IL. In the ensuing months, many tracks were released and subsequently received solid airplay in the USA, Canada, and all across the world. R7F hit the playlists of well over 100 radio stations, DJs, and internet streaming broadcasts, gaining more and more steam and support each and every day. Red Velvet Sky, R7F's first ever release, a 4-song EP single completely sold out of it's first pressing and received high praise and accolades from many reviewers, DJ's, and fans. It was recently voted one of the top 3 EP releases of 2004 by DJ IZ of Industrial Zoning. The EP was to be followed by the release of "The Depths Inside", the full length project. Then, in March of 2004, R7F and Silencer agreed to part ways, due to some philosophical differences. This inevitably delayed the release of the full-length album. Immediately following the fallout, Furious had some developments in his personal life that further delayed the project. The Rebirth Has Ensued The goal of R7F was always to 1) make great industrial music with an original flare, 2) make the music accessible to people, and 3) take the music outside of the studio. WARNING: RED 7 FURY HAS RETURNED WITH A VENGEANCE AND DETERMINATION THAT WILL OPEN PEOPLE'S EYES AND HAVE THEM CRAVING MORE AND MORE. All three of these goals are in the process of being accomplished. The Full Length Album: The Depths Inside is complete and should be available to the fans and supporters of R7F sometime in late March, along with R7F merchandise. The greater development is the addition of 4 band members, fully converting the once solo studio project into a living, breathing stage show that is rehearsing like crazy to bring each R7F track to life. The immensely talented crew of musicians that have joined Furious are: Ryan Walsh: Bass, Keyboards Chris Konen: Guitars Chris Matsinger: Guitars, Keyboards, Bass Steve Williams: Drums The combined years of experience of this group is immense and after just a few practices, the entire crew was completely amazed and confident that this project is going to be both special and successful. There is a camaraderie that has helped the music to gel. So what's the plan right now for Red 7 Fury? Release the album. Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse. We are shooting to begin playing live in late March/April. Initially, we intend to stay somewhat local between NJ, DE, Philly area, and NYC. From there - we'll just have to let you know. We are not in this for money, fame, or glory. We are in this because the 5 of us LIVE and BREATHE music. It sustains us. It moves us. It drives us. We sincerely hope that it does the same for you. Each supporter is special to us, and we fully intend to be as accessible and interactive as possible. We SO appreciate our fans and supporters. We hope that they will all walk this long journey ahead together with us. This will be the year that R7F finally breaks out of the studio and into the club scene with a sonic assault that will be unrivaled. R7F fans continue to witness a passionate and relentless pursuit of a dream...They hear songs of love, hate, confusion, passion, pain, lust, emptiness and scorn...a kaleidoscope of emotions that can only describe what one may feel in the deepest of relationships. What's next? Stick around.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Check back for updates. This used to be a solo project, but additional members have been added to take the R7F experience live.
Your musical influences
NIN, Front 242, GVSB, Alice In Chains, Helmet, Stabbing Westward, Front Line Assembly.
What equipment do you use?
Nuendo 2, Reason 2.5, Novation K-Station, Roland XP-50, Nord Lead 2, to name a few...
Anything else?
Go to www.red7fury.com - what are you waiting for?
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