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Angela Predhomme
Angela Predhomme
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Singer/songwriter Angela Predhomme writes soulful, emotional songs and catchy melodies. Credits include several network and cable TV songs placements.
This Might Be Good solo performance
I'm a solo artist and songwriter. Open to collaboration and film/TV work. BIO: Singer/songwriter Angela Predhomme sings from the soul with a smooth, expressive voice, and has a knack for writing melodies that stay with you long after you've heard her songs. Credits include song placements in NBC's hit show "The Voice," MTV's "Teen Mom," TLC's "What Not to Wear," PBS's "America in Primetime series, and closing credit placement in the film A Wedding Most Strange (April 2011, UK). Angela recently hit No. 1 on OurStages blues chart with her song Im Wearing Black, while songs This Might Be Good and Life is Gonna Be Great have been featured on the AllAccess Cool New Music page, AAA genre. Other songwriting credits include finalist and honorable mention placement in major song contests, and most recently, finalist for Song of the Year 2012 for "My New Favorite Song." In addition, Angela's songs are offered through Muzak, Pandora, and both terrestrial and Internet radio. Publishers of her songs include Naz-Sect Publishing, TelePictures Productions, and My 3 Kids Music Publishing. Music licensors offering Angelas songs include Tinderbox Music, Jingle Punks, and Crucial Music, in addition to other licensing catalogues. Music has been her passion since childhood. Angela's first instrument was the piano, and she later took up classical voice and the acoustic guitar. Early on, she was influenced by the music her family listened to, which included everything from 1950s R & B to the popular music of the time. Growing up in the Detroit area where Motown music invokes a special pride, Angela was exposed to the great work of artists like Marvin Gaye and Smokey Robinson. Major influences include The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Ray Charles, and vocalists Christina Aguilera, Sarah McLaughlin, Norah Jones and the timeless voice of Sam Cooke. Always striving to grow as a composer, singer and musician, she never stops analyzing music theory and pushing herself as a singer and composer. Angela is an active member of local and national songwriting groups. With the goal of making music that can stand up with the best of the best, Angela Predhomme will continue to develop her honest, thoughtful songwriting, and her captivating, bluesy voice.
Band/artist history
I've played the piano since I was about 10. I took up the acoustic guitar in my late 20's. I still like the piano better because it doesn't hurt my hands. At first, I only did covers. I was afraid to write my own songs. But then I tried it in 2006, and the 2nd song I ever wrote got bought by a Burbank TV studio for $500 (through a popular online submission service). So I figured, "maybe this is my thing." And I've been writing ever since. I've worked with Nashville songwriting coaching and evaluating services. I've been beat up plenty. But I've learned a whole lot, and I'm always honing my writing skills. When I hear a great song on the radio, I know how hard those writers worked to get there.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I try to get out and perform regularly. Sometimes I travel for gigs, but I mostly play around the Detroit and Ann Arbor area currently.
Your musical influences
I've always really connected to the melodic songwriting style of The Beatles, with the cool chord changes. Being a piano player, I'm all about cool chord changes. I loved the Rolling Stones when I was growing up, too, particulary the late 60's through 70's. Then later I got into Ray Charles and it made me see how great music can really be. I'm always influenced by great new artists, too, like Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift. They are both very skilled commercial songwriters. I love Christina Aguilera's vocal style. She's my idol as a vocalist.
What equipment do you use?
I'm not a gear head. I like instruments with nice tone and a good mic.
Anything else?
If anyone actually read this, thank you! I'm flattered by your interest in my music. Artist website: http://www.angelapredhomme.com Twitter: @AngelaPredhomme Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Angela-Predhomme/32121454905
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