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Evil Twin
Evil Twin
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Evil Twin began with an assault on the trashy dive bars of Seattle in 2003. After more than 70 shows, two EPs, one LP, in-studio radio appearances, and signin
10 songs
Evil Twin began with an assault on the trashy dive bars of Seattle in 2003. After more than 70 shows, two EPs, one LP, in-studio radio appearances, and signing to Flotation Records in 2006, Evil Twin has hit an amazing stride and is a true DIY up-and-comer.
Band/artist history
Formed in Seattle in 2003, Evil Twin has a vision with one goal: to bring back the real rock band. Loud, hook filled guitars, snarling vocals, and an overall sound that makes you want to throw back a beer and get crazy with the crowd. Evil Twin comes from a solid pre-punk musical base - including artists such as Johnny Thunders, the New York Dolls, the Rolling Stones and Jim Carroll - along with a healthy dose of glam from Guns n Roses, Faster Pussycat, Buckcherry, and The Cult. Evil Twin has been steadily playing shows over the last three years in the Seattle area, and forming relationships with clubs, bookers, promoters, and of course fans. They recorded their first full length album (Radio Salvation) in late 2006, and were promptly picked up by Seattle indie label Flotation Records, for both national domestic and european distribution. A west coast tour is being planned to promote the CD release. They have also gotten noticed by local radio personalities such as DJ Jolene from KISW, who has played them on several Loud and Local shows, done an hour in-studio interview with the band, and also put them on the popular local head-to-head call-in contest 'Cock Fight'. KEXP - which has a signifigant worldwide streaming audience - has also been playing various tracks off the new album thanks to Music Director Don Slack. The members of Evil Twin are all long-time musicians who bring their experience to the stage at every performance. Frontman Tre is no stranger to the Seattle/Tacoma music scene. Right out of high school he was playing guitar and writing songs in the Tacoma based Beauty School Dropouts. After their breakup, he started writing what would be the core of Evil Twin's songs, including Top City Girl, Slave To The Needle, and 66 Miles To Graceland. Guitarist Master J also plays saxaphone and keyboards for the group. He adds a collaborative writing and arranging style to the mix, and helped write songs such as 21, Lipstick, and Radio Salvation. His former projects include California-based indie band The Blind, and Seattle's Tilted Blue. Bassist Nik is a Seattle native, but spent several years in LA playing in The Basnight Project with Dan Carey from Tool. He is also the newest member of the classic psychedelic rock band Iron Butterfly, and has performed with them across Europe over the last year. Drummer Moody has been playing for over 15 years in cities all over the country. His former projects include several years with LA's heavy metal band Sybil. In 2007 Evil Twin plans to promote their new CD with a west coast tour, play as many Washington and Portland music festivals as they can squeeze in, continue to be a mainstay of the local Seattle music scene, and begin working on their second album. They will also appear on a Misfits compilation CD due out in Spring 2007.
What equipment do you use?
Tre's Stuff: Les Paul Jr., Marshall JCM800, Marshall 4x12, Route 66 compr/OD, Morley wah Master J's Stuff: 1979 Yamaha SG2000, Orange AD30TCH, 1972 Marshall 8x10 guitar cab, Morley wah, Moog Rogue synthesizer, Martin Saxaphone Nik's Stuff: Epi Thunderbird, Ampeg SVT3 Pro, Ampeg 8x10. Moody's Stuff: Tama drums, Paiste cymbals, Vic Firth sticks, Iron Cobra pedals. We all use Shure 55-SH series II mics
Anything else?
Check out main site at http://www.eviltwinrocks.com or our myspace at http://www.myspace.com/eviltwin
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