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Nick The Dream Weaver
Folk musician who likes to dabble in other genres like swing, jazz, reggae, alternative, blues, and others. Story teller, comedic, and serious life stories.
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An uplifting and happy song about moving to your own beat.
Beautiful Day For A Fall Drive
Laid back instrumental traveling song
I started writing songs in the 1980's. I wasn't playing out at all and very nervous to get up on stages. My song writing progressed slowly, but steadily. In 1997 I made it a point to overcome my fear of performing in public. I started plying in local coffee shops and was soon hosting a local jam. My song writing started increasing. I decided I didn't want to stick to one genre and started expanding my song writing to include many of the genres I enjoy. In 2001, I was getting the urge to produce a CD. Other musician friends around me were already doing it and I wanted to get in on it as well. I couldn't really afford studio time though. So I propelled into the home studio category. I bought recording equipment and my living room became my studio. I could spend as much time as I wanted, or needed, to put together a CD. In 2002 I produced my first CD, Stage One. So named because it was the first stage for me as a self produced song writer/producer/musician. I also bought other instruments, bass, hand drums, keyboard, and started learning some keyboard basics. I didn't start working more on the bass until I produced my 6th CD, but I get ahead of myself here. In 2003 I produced 2 more CD's. Alaska Jam, which had many songs I had written about Alaska, my home, and Suite Werewolf: A Love Story, which was more Alternative Folk. The first 6 songs on Suite Werewolf are a alternative folk suite with a prologue and and an epilogue. Then, in 2005, I moved to Vermont temporarily for a winter job, taking my instruments and recording equipment with me. I continued to play some local venues and started working on my fourth CD, This Gypsy Life And I. I completed that project while in Vermont and then came back to Alaska in 2006. In 2007, I started working on a new project and started a band with a drummer I met. His last name is Nolan and mine is Weaver, so we came up with a band name that was a a hybrid of both of our last names: Weanoverlan. I was working on creating a 5th CD that was a self titled "Weanoverlan" CD. In December of that same year, my apartment building burned to the ground and I lost everything, including a stack of more than 200 unproduced songs. I managed to produce most of the Weanoverlan CD just before that cataclysm. We did some shows in 2008 and that's where I came up with three more live recordings to finish up the Weanoverlan CD. Weanoverlan only lasted through the summer of 2008. My drummer got busy with other things and I had lost my MOJO in that fire as well. I had been working on another project that same year that never got completed to my satisfaction until 2018 so at first it was a 4 song EP called Sanity, What?. Losing all those songs and equipment created a huge writer's block that It took a few years to work through, but work through it, I did. And with the love and support of many local musicians, I soon had more guitars than I knew what to do with and acquired new recording equipment. I started working on my 7th CD. In 2009 I released Love, Passion, And Romance. A CD full of love songs. I figured every musician should produce at least one CD that was a collection of love songs. In 2010, I released my 8th CD, Bachelorette Party And Other URBAN Legends. It was my last CD for awhile. At that point, I was joining musician sites like REVERBNATION, and MYSPACE. I was making everything available in digital format for fans. Later, I joined Facebook and started a Facebook band page that linked with Reverbnation. I continued to write and had also started putting home videos on youtube as well. In 2017, I started putting my CD's, only available in digital format, on CDBaby. As of June 2018, I have re-released all but 3 of the original CD's, plus two compilation CD's, an extended version of Sanity, What? (17 songs now) and four singles.
Band/artist history
For the history of Nick The Dream Weaver, we have to go back to 1978 when Gary Wright released his song Dream Weaver. Well, my name is Nick Weaver and at that time I was a naive 18 year old in the Navy and a bit of a natural space cadet. Everyone I knew started calling me "Dream Weaver". I liked it so much that I got a tattoo with a caricature of myself and it says Dream above the caricature and Weaver below it. Once I started performing, I adopted the stage name Nick The Dream Weaver.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Been performing in Alaska venues and music festivals since 1997. My favorite was the song circle/open mic that I hosted for about three years. Very high energy and many good friendships developed.
Your musical influences
Bob Dylan. Gordon Lightfoot. Peter, Paul, and Mary. John Prine. The Kingston Trio. Waylon Jennings. And a plethora of classic country singers from the 50's and 60's.
What equipment do you use?
Electric guitars, acoustic guitars, hand drums, midi, keyboard, basses, mandolins, ukuleles
Anything else?
Places where you can find Nick The Dream Weaver: Reverbnation, Facebook, Soundcloud, Amazon, i-Tunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, and many others. Weanoverlan can be found on Facebook, Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, i-Tunes, and Youtube just to name a few.