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Dynamite Daniel
14 Tracks
The Dynamite Daniel Project was started in 2003 under the leadership of singer, songwriter, and guitarist Daniel Isaac Roberts and has thrived ever since.
Stomp On Satan Anthem
Peak in sub-genre #16
Love Me Or Loveth Me Not
The Interracial Dating Game
Peak in sub-genre #30
America, Land Of The Free
Day Of Revolution
Peak in sub-genre #39
Thrash N' Burn
Peak in sub-genre #66
The Lone Wanderer (Re-Recorded & Remastered)
Memories (Re-Recorded & Remastered)
Peak in sub-genre #94
Soldier Of Fortune
Peak in sub-genre #44
Judgment Day
Peak in sub-genre #50
Day Of Revolution (New Version)
Thrash 'N' Burn (New Version)
Peak in sub-genre #71
Money Doesn't Make The Man
Peak in sub-genre #36
Greed (Change Our Hearts)
Peak in sub-genre #30
One of the hottest, progressive rock and Christian metal solo artists coming out from New York City is Dynamite Daniel. He generates energy and excitement everywhere he performs. The solo rock band project was started in 2003 under the leadership and guidance of singer, songwriter, and guitarist Daniel Isaac Roberts and has thrived ever since. His first album, "DYNAMITE," received 4 stars on CD Baby.com for its unique style of aggressive play. The second album, "LEFT ON THE OUTSIDE," was a huge maturity from the first record and had received much radio airplay from Internet music promoting websites, Radioindy.com and NumberOneMusic.com. He also recorded two Christmas albums with his former band mates from his first band, Rated X. Both Christmas records were entitled "A DYNAMITE CHRISTMAS." The Christmas CD box set features both live audio and studio audio recordings of famous Christmas songs that they covered in their own rendition. During the spring and summer of 2010, Dynamite Daniel re-recorded and remastered the "LEFT ON THE OUTSIDE" LP. The newly revised "LEFT ON THE OUTSIDE" LP, was a landmark success for Dynamite Daniel, taking the project to new heights of hard rock musical mastery. Dynamite Daniel was given much respect by fans all over the world after its release. Shortly after the remake of the "LEFT ON THE OUTSIDE" LP, Dynamite Daniel released a two song demo/ep entitled "JUDGMENT DAY." The demo/ep features a rock instrumental and a vocal recording of his song "JUDGMENT DAY." Both tracks were big hits off of Radioindy.com and NumberOneMusic.com. In the fall of 2011, Dynamite Daniel unleashed the most aggressive, heaviest, and most melodic album of his entire music career. That album is "WAGING WAR." "WAGING WAR" topples over every previous recording that Dynamite Daniel ever did during the course of 8 years. The album focuses on wars and rumors of wars, end times prophecy, and the second coming of Jesus Christ. In the spring of 2013, Dynamite Daniel released his greatest hits record, entitled "THE BEST OF DYNAMITE DANIEL." This greatest hits album features all of Dynamite Daniel’s most popular songs during the project’s 10 year longevity. It also features 4 revised versions of “Day of Revolution,” “Thrash ‘n’ Burn,” “When the Crowd Goes Wild,” and “Livin’ in Your Own Hell." In the summer of 2014, Dynamite Daniel released his quintessential follow-up album, "MONEY DOESN'T MAKE THE MAN." “MONEY DOESN'T MAKE THE MAN” is another great Christian metal manifesto. God's word is spoken again in song as Dynamite Daniel unleashes six powerful tracks that focus on the love of money being the root of all evil. Choose to serve God or mammon! In the winter of 2015, Dynamite Daniel released his new single "ENDANGERED SPECIES." The song was initially recorded back in 2011. After gaining some respect and praise for the song from a few friends on Facebook, Dynamite Daniel decided to finally sell the track through online music stores. It would later appear as the 10th track off of Dynamite Daniel's 2015 album "SOCIAL DISORDER." In the summer of 2015, Dynamite Daniel released his most riveting and thought-provoking album "SOCIAL DISORDER." Although "SOCIAL DISORDER" didn't focus so much on topics relating to the Christian/spiritual walk as did "WAGING WAR" and "MONEY DOESN'T MAKE THE MAN," the album's righteous indignation towards stereotypes and racism took the words right out of the book of I John 4:20. "SOCIAL DISORDER" contains 11 tracks full of wonderful melodies and catchy anthems mixed with very strong messages. This album is not just a great album by Dynamite Daniel but a timely treasure by Dynamite Daniel. In the summer of 2018, Dynamite Daniel released his very first double album "LOVE & HATE." This album contains a lovely mixture of melodic ballads on the first disc and heavy thrash metal tunes on the second disc. It's enough to make one mellow out while also head banging at the same time. The album focused on actions and emotions of love and hate which we battle with every day. Learning how to love thy neighbor and not hate thine enemy is a Biblical principle that we all have tackled with at some point in our lives. It may have appeared as if Dynamite Daniel didn't have much to say on this record as much as he did in his highly anticipated predecessor "SOCIAL DISORDER," when truthfully he did. This album is truly a classic! Dynamite Daniel has been active in live shows and ministries in a few places around the New York City area. The musicians may have changed during the years that Dynamite Daniel has been in operation, but the motivation and drive of the project has always remained the same.
Band/artist history
Dynamite Daniel has been around since the year 2003. With every album, demo, and ep that has been released by this solo rock project, not one has been reported back as short of excellent. The driving force behind this project is the Lord Jesus Christ and the singer, songwriter, and guitarist Daniel Isaac Roberts aka Dynamite Daniel. If you wish to find out more information about Dynamite Daniel, please don't hesitate to visit the project's website at www.dynamitedaniel.com.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, I have. I've performed at many New York City venues such as Desmond's Tavern, The Delancey, the Alphabet Lounge, Otto's Shrunken Head, New Haven Ministries (Starlite Pavilion), Blackthorn 51 and many more. I made sure to capture all of my special memories from those shows on camera and on video.
Your musical influences
My musical influences are Jimi Hendrix, Billy Idol, Pat Benatar, Goo Goo Dolls, Green Day, The Offspring, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Pantera, Ozzy Osbourne, Stryper, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Casting Crowns, MercyMe, Skillet, and War of Ages.
What equipment do you use?
I use an acoustic guitar and three electric guitars. On stage, I mostly use one of my electric guitars along with my Zoom distortion pedal.
Anything else?
I also have a Guitar Research amplifier and a Fender Squier amplifier.
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