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Life Is A Party (feat. Lindsie Ann & Jaylz)
Wrong One (Feat. SIX)
Maybe (IRCMG Remix) - 'Call Me Maybe' Parody
Cody Ryan Stephenson, better known by his stage name CodeMan, is a White-American rapper, audio engineer, and songwriter from Traverse City, Michigan. CodeMan began rapping, writing, and recording music at age 15, and gained local notoriety by performing original songs during his high school dances and at local concert venues. International radio personality, Crisco Kidd, has hosted alongside CodeMan at various cancer fundraisers and hosted CodeMan's mixtape "The Heart of Hip-Hop." "I support this man. He has a vision, dreams and heart. Since day one, I could see the determination in CodeMan's eyes. I have felt his story and I want to see my man win and that's exactly what he's doing. He is the definition of 'determination.'" Currently, CodeMan is getting ready to release his first digitally worldwide release album, "Some of All of It." The first single, "Wrong One (feat. SIX)," is already a single worldwide release and available on iTunes, AmazonMP3 and all other digital retail stores. Back in mid-January, he released a music video for the single on YouTube, which has been advertised on websites such as MTV, Billboard, Pitchfork, Rolling Stones, Vibe, XXLMag, The Source, Pandora, YoungMoneyHQ, and more. By being involved with charitable events such as Relay For Life and other fundraisers in the past, CodeMan teamed up with international, music- centric cancer charity, Love Hope Strength. Currently, each sale that "Wrong One" engages, 50% of the proceeds go towards the charity. In 2012, CodeMan was offered two distribution deals with SMG / Bungalo / Universal Music Group and another deal with Krushed Ice Entertainment / Interscope / Universal Music Group. Turning both down, he decided that the independent route was more suitable. "So what would it take to rise up to the game's life/ But with no ladder or elevator to rise/ he decides/ he must construct his own climb/ straight to the top where the whole world can hear his lines" - "State of the Art" by CodeMan "I'm not looking to be famous in the world, I want to be a legend to the one I'm with/ I just want Some of All of It" - Some of All of It by CodeMan While attending college at Northern Michigan University in Marquette, MI, CodeMan became, as some would say, a "local celebrity." He was the president of NMU's Hip-Hop Coalition, leading a team of students and aspiring Hip-Hop artists. CodeMan teamed up with local female disc jockey, DJ MO, and they hosted at The Mixx (Now known as The Verabar) every Friday and Saturday night, giving recognition and publicity of his music. CodeMan has performed shows with Chiddy Bang, Ying Yang Twins, Lil' Flip, Paul Wall, Drew32, Whitney Peyton, and more. His passion for music, not only as an artist but also as an engineer, has helped him become the full package. Not only has he been able to build a solid foundation based upon his love for music and writing, he has also gained the knowledge and skills through education that have set him on a path toward an incredibly successful career in the music industry. The upcoming digital worldwide release, "Some of All of It," will be available on March 26th, 2013. The first single, "Wrong One," is currently available globally on iTunes and all other digital retail stores.
Band/artist history
Discography: Army of One - 2007 Lucky #7 - 2007 The '08 Mixtape - 2008 Write of Passage - 2010 Determined - 2010 The Heart of Hip-Hop: Hosted by Crisco Kidd - 2011 Some of All of It - 2013
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have performed all over the state of Michigan, mainly in Marquette and Traverse City. I love performing. It's such an adrenaline rush when you look out at the crowd who are cheering you on. I think one of my biggest moments during a show was when I hosted and opened up for The Ying Yang Twins back in 2010 in Marquette. There were over 2000 in attendance and during that time, I just released an album that was very popular in the area. Having over 2000 people chant your name is a feeling like no other. I didn't want that night to end. Just live in the moment.
Your musical influences
Life. I have had 7 open heart surgeries since I was 3 weeks old. Growing up with a serious condition such as a congenital heart defect really influenced me as an artist. I wasn't able to play physical sports, such as football or basketball, and so I fell in love with music. I was in band and jazz band during middle/high school and played percussion for 7 years. So having a respect for how music was made and then being influenced lyrically by my brother who freestyled all the time, it just made sense for me. I wanted to become a Hip-Hop artist who spoke about life and the struggles that came with it. During my early work, I talked a lot about my heart condition. My last surgery was in 2007 and I haven't had any complications since then, so I feel like having my main focus on that topic now wouldn't be ideal. I've had 2 real relationships that both ended horrible. Both woman thought of themselves as "2nd best" in my life, where music was 1st. I guess they were right in a way. Being a college student, pursuing an education in music production and being an aspiring artist who performed constantly and was in the studio nonstop did take a toll on the relationships. So that is another subject that I talk a lot about. The juggle between a career and a relationship. It's hard. I know a lot people can relate, especially fellow artists.
What equipment do you use?
Pro Tools LD, Digidesign 96 I/O Units, Command 8 User Interface, Furman Power Conditioner, Playback/Record CD, DAT, Mini-CD machines, external signal processors, Toft console, MACKIE 1604-VLZ Pro 16-Channel mixer, Toroid XL Powered Speakers, Sennheiser condenser mic, Samson headphones, iMac computer
Anything else?
Donate to The Heart of Music Foundation at www.theheartofmusic.org
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