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In February, The Lubben Brothers and WellsSpring decided to join forces in an effort to perform and promote our original music: classical-based string and vocal
Formerly and separately known as The Lubben Brothers and WellsSpring, in February 2012 1Name joined to became a two-family, classical-based string and vocal ensemble with eight band members. We met the fall of 2012 to develop a Handel's Messiah program for our community that December. Discovering we shared a lot in common, we later began meeting, then jamming just for fun, and finally decided to join forces to perform and promote our original music, which we did the summer of 2013. It took a while for WellsSpring to seriously consider The Lubbens' proposition of making a CD together. At first it just seemed the stuff midlife crises are made of, but little by little, we all began to see God's hand moving. Looking back, it's so clear that the Lord was carrying us toward His intended goal. We have disbanded, but our goal now is to keep following Him wherever He leads.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
The support we received playing for live congregations helped spur us on, first to use our church's resources to capture a very raw rendition of 1Name's first original collaboration, "Just One," and then to search for a studio with a grand piano and rates that wouldn't break the bank--not an easy task, but God provided. In May we recorded The Heavens Declaring: 13 tracks of original songs and accompanying Bible verses. Excerpts can be played above, along with an old original single by WellsSpring from a region-wide CD Pioneer project, left up here to satisfy Soundclick's free download requirement.
Your musical influences
We have a solid classical base but love music of many genres.
Anything else?
Thanks for stopping by. May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you!
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